Elementary Social Studies Update

4th Six Weeks

Document Based Question (DBQ) Project

5th Grade:

  • 2nd Six Weeks - Declaration of Independence (Due to Coordinators January 8, 2016)

  • 5th Six Weeks - Causes of the Civil War (Due to Coordinators May 6, 2016)

4th Grade:

  • 3rd Six Weeks - Decisions of Sam Houston (Practice the thinking process only, no grading or submission required)

  • 6th Six Weeks - Participation in Democracy (Due to Coordinators May 27, 2016)

3rd Grade:

  • 6th Six Weeks - Topic T.B.A. (Due to Coordinators May 27, 2016)

DBQ Submission Instructions

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Change to the DBQ Project Format

For the second semester: In order to maintain a consistent horizontal alignment, we are going to be using the "Central Idea" whenever we interject the term "thesis" to make sure that teachers understand they are interchangeable. Though students need to know the term "Thesis" they are using the term "Central Idea" for STAAR.

Using the Online Textbook

4th Six Weeks SWAG is Online!

Excuses for Not Doing Social Studies

Social Studies = Learning Lab

Using Social Studies to Train Powerful Thinkers . . .

Task: Think about the writing training we all went to recently. Students are required to go from a circle map to a flow map as they organize their thoughts. With that in mind. Prepare a human circle map mini lesson to help students practice the thinking in Social Studies before they apply it during the writers workshop.
Wilke CircleMap
Human Double Bubble Map