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The Age of Jackson By: Makaylah krocza

Jackson's inauguration

While Jackson's inauguration speech was surely short but sweet, it was the after party that was the talk of the town. Seeing as Jackson's supporters saw his victory as a win for the common people the crowd was already rowdy before Andrew Jackson invited them to celebrate, in the White House no less. As president Jackson has already rewarded his supporters with government jobs in which he calls the spoils system, the practice of giving political allies government jobs. This may not be the best idea though, but only time will tell.

The Nullification Crisis rises dramatically!

Since the passing of the Tariffs of Abomination, Calhoun has been in league with his southern followers in protesting. The severely damaged economy has already had to deal with economic depression and high tariffs, the worst damage happening in South Carolina. Otherwise known as Calhoun's home state. Calhoun has already accused the government off favoring one region over the other, since the North benefits more from the tariffs than the South and has officially resigned from the vice presidency. It still remains unknown whether South Carolina will threaten to withdrawal from the nation or not.
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Recent Indian affairs:

Indian Removal Act passes!

While Native Americans have almost always lived in their original settlements it seems that today will be the beginning of the end. Just earlier this morning it was declared that the authorization of the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi will promptly be moved to the West in Indian Territory. One of the greatest agreements supporting this plan is that the removal of Indians will lessen the conflicts between Native Americans and settlers. To help manage the Indian removal Congress has also approved of a new government agency deemed the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Cherokee find loop hole? (main article)

Recent reports have shown an increasing amount of Cherokee Indians adopting contemporary culture. Including the set up of schools that allow the Natives to learn to read and write in English and even create a government that is similar to ours. While they have adopted white culture it is still unlikely that they will be spared. Georgia leaders have already begun to preparations for moving the Cherokee. But they are not the only ones taking action. Just earlier today the Cherokee tribe sued the state, since the state of Georgia doesn't have the right to take their land. While the court has ruled in favor of the Cherokee Georgia has decided to go ahead and evict the Cherokee anyway.