Lane Intermediate Community Message

December 22, 2017 Patriot Pride @LaneWAWM

Happy Holidays!

The entire Lane Staff wishes you and your family peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in us as we have the privilege of sharing our days with your student. We look forward to working with your student after the Winter Break when we return on Wednesday, January 3rd. The end of the year brings no greater joy than the opportunity to express to you season's greetings and good wishes. May your Holidays and New Year be filled with joy.

Happenings at Lane!

December 25-January 2 -- Winter Break

January 12 -- PTA Rockin New Year Dance 6:00-8:00

January 15 -- DC Registration Deadline

January 16 -- LPP Meeting 7:00-8:30

February 21 -- Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:30-8:00

March 2 -- PTA March Madness Dance 6:00-8:00

March 20 -- LPP Meeting 7:00-8:30

May 15 -- LPP Meeting 7:00-8:30

May 17 -- Choir Concert

May 18 -- Lane Global Citizen Festival

May 23 -- Band and Orchestra Concert

June 5 -- 8th Grade Completion Ceremony 6:30-8:00

Lane PTA

PTA 2018-2019

Lane Intermediate is in need of 2018-2019 parents to take on leadership opportunities within PTA. Our current PTA leadership will be turning over as all terms will have been completed. If you would like more information please contact the Lane Intermediate office.

Thank you for supporting Lane Intermediate!

7th & 8th Grade BL Holocaust Field Trip

Ms. Burke, Ms. Cottrell, Ms. Kruk and Mr. Craig's BL classes have a wonderful opportunity to visit the second largest Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Illinois. Providing students opportunities to engage with historical fiction enhances their background knowledge and brings life to the novel The Boy in Striped Pajamas. If your student is in one of these classes, permission slips were sent home on Wednesday. Please take note that because of traffic we might not make it back to school by 3:00. Please make arrangements prior to the field trip for potential transportation home should we arrive late. We are excited to share in this experience with your Patriot!

Art Room Wishlist



Scissors (pointed edge, good condition, rubber or plastic handles not metal)

Plastic Yogurt Cups/Containers

Skyward Family Access

Skyward Family Access Goes Live!

Skyward Family Access (similar to Parent Portal on Infinite Campus) is now available to parents with students in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District. It enables you to make payments, update telephone numbers and email addresses, view student schedules and attendance, and check on student grades using any personal device! This important tool will help you monitor your child's progress in school and allow for increased communication with teachers.

While most records for Skyward Family Access are maintained by the District office (e.g., address changes can only be made at the WAWM Enrollment Center) there are some records that parents can maintain to ensure accuracy. We are asking parents to review and/or revise their home, cell, and work telephone numbers and email addresses. In addition, parents will be able to make food service and fee payments online.

Each parent/guardian active in Skyward has been sent a letter with personalized login and password information.

How do parents connect to Skyward Family Access?

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the Quick Link: SKYWARD FAMILY ACCESS

  3. Enter the login: <<XXXX>>

  4. Enter the password: <<XXXX>>

  5. Users will be prompted to change their password.

Which devices can parents use to connect to Skyward Family Access?

Skyward Family Access works with any laptop, ipad, or personal device. On an Android (google play store) and the Iphone (App Store); search for the SKYWARD application and download the free Skyward App to any personal device.

What help is being provided to parents using Skyward Family Access?

  • Parents should call their School Main Office with questions regarding logins and passwords. Secretaries have been trained on how to reset accounts.

  • Parents can visit the WAWM Administration Building for individual assistance with logins and passwords.

8th Grade Planning Conference

Dear Grade 8 Parents/Guardians :

The School District of West Allis-West Milwaukee would like to make every effort to prepare your child for a smooth and successful transition to high school. We want to help scholars make informed decisions and strongly believe that it requires a collective involvement of the student, the family, and the school. To assist in this important endeavor, our Student Services staff will be holding Individual Planning Conferences with all 8th grade students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) during the months of December, January and February 2017-2018. A link to Sign-Up Genius was sent out to all emails, please sign up through this.

During each conference the following information and topics related to your child’s future will be covered:

  • High School Course Offerings & 9th Grade Course Selection

  • High School Extracurricular Activities

  • Academic Achievement

  • Academic & Career Planning

We consider these collaborative home and school efforts extremely important. Our goal is to meet with 100% of families and their 8th grade scholars. It is always a pleasure to work with families, and we look forward to meeting you.


Kyle Malin, School Counselor

(414) 329-7438

Christine Piotrowski, School Counselor

(414) 329-6614

Weather Guidelines


  • We will always keep students in the building if the weather is below 15 degrees. (Wind chill will be a determining factor)
  • Students can stay in the cafe and aux gym if we are holding inside recess. There will be adult supervision.
  • Students are not allowed to exit the cafe or aux gym without adult permission and supervision.
  • Students are NOT allowed to go upstairs during lunch unless they have a pass from a teacher.
  • Staff inside the aux gym will be located near the exits and observing the climate inside the aux gym.


  • Doors open for students eating breakfast at 7:15 am and to all students at 7:35 am.
  • Students who arrive before that time will be outside until the doors open.
  • We will always keep students in the building if the weather is at or below 15 degrees.
  • Students can stay in the cafe if we are allowing them inside the building due to bad weather conditions. There will be adult supervision in the cafe.
  • Bad weather includes raining, temperatures below 15 degrees, icy conditions on the playground area, and hail.
  • We will use the aux gym, which is directly next to the cafe if the weather conditions are not friendly.
  • Students are not allowed to exit the cafe or aux gym without adult permission and supervision.
  • Students are NOT allowed to go upstairs during this time unless they have a pass from a teacher.
  • Staff inside the aux gym will be located near the exits and observing the climate inside the aux gym.


  • Please be advised when the temperature is below 15 degrees and/or the windchill is excessive we will be opening up the cafe for students to enter the building at 7:00 until morning supervision is available at 7:15am.
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Clubs and Sports at Lane Intermediate

Success in school and outside goes beyond academics. A major part of the success of student is being an active participant in the events that take place and create an opportunity for school and community pride! Below is a list of the sports and clubs that are being offered at Lane Intermediate this fall - please look for updates and have your student(s) look for times to sign up!

Times and dates for the following will be shared through the community message as well as by the staff leading the opportunities.

  • Cross Country - Season over for the 17-18 school year
  • Boy's Basketball - Season in Progress
  • Girl's Basketball - Winter Season
  • Wrestling - Winter Season
  • Chess/Game Club - Wednesdays 3:00-4:15
  • Student Council - In Progress
  • School of Rock - Wednesdays 3:00 to 4:30
  • Tech Club - Tuesdays 3:00-4:00
  • Robotics Club - Coming Soon - Tuesdays 3:00-4:00
  • Hallway Beautification Club
  • Yearbook Club
  • Math Club/Mathlete - In Progress...please see Mr. Kloiber
  • Media Club - Thursdays 3:00-4:00
  • Art Studio Club - Wednesdays 3:00-4:00
  • Science Club - Tuesday and Thursdays 3:15-4:15
  • FBLA - Wednesdays 3:00-4:00 (registration required....please see Mr. Napoli
  • SkillsUSA - SkillsUSA is a professional organization that encourages students development of personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics. Being a part of SkillsUSA will allow students the opportunity to get involved in the community and be connected with professionals in their field of interest. This is new to Lane this year and our middle school students, yet is established at the high school level. Anyone is welcome to join and some will be asked due to teacher recommendations. limit 10 students and it is run by Mrs. Ustruck. See her for details.
  • Others to be announced.....

Washington, D.C. Trip

We're planning a fantastic tour to Washington, D.C. on October 3 - 5, 2018. This unforgettable learning experience of a lifetime is being coordinated by Brightspark Travel.

Register online now!

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Registration deadline is January 15th, 2018

*A registration fee of $150.00 is required to secure a place on the tour

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