Also known as Blue enchantments

What roots do

Roots take in water and mineral from the soil to feed the plant. Roots help the plant stay in place. They store food for the plant. Roots prevent soil erosion.

What the stem does

The stem supports the leaves and flowers so they can get sun. The stem is used to supply food and water from the roots to feed the plant. They also carry food back down to be distributed for future use. There are several sorts of stems such as woody and herbaceous. Woody is covered in bark. Herbaceous stems are green and bendable.

True leaves vs seed leaves

After your seedlings sprout the seed leaves are the first things to come out of the soil and they will be round. True leaves have Jagged type edges and once you see them you know it's time to transplant them to bigger pots.


Petals are modified leaves that surround the reproductive part of the flower. Petals come in very different shapes and colors to attract pollinators. All petals on a flower are called corolla.


The stamen is known as the pollen producing reproductive organ of a flower. The stamen produces pollen in structures called anthers. The number of stamens is usually the same as the number of petals.


The pistil is known as the reproductive part of a flower and is centrally located . There can be a single pistil in a flower like the lily or there can be several pistils in a flower like a buttercup.

The birth of a plant

When seeds are planted they grow roots. When roots pop out of the seed they start to grow and emerge from the soil. When The plant grows an emerges from the soil that is called germination.

Growth and development of the plant

Growth is an irreversible increase in the size of a plant. Plants, unlike animals, have indeterminate growth and as long as they live continue to add new organs and tissues. Parts, such as leaves and flowers, may die while the main body of the plant continues to grow.


Plant reproduction is usually found where the existing plant drops seeds from its flower. The seeds are found inside the flower. Reproduction this way can also happen with Weeds.

Death of a plant

Death is part of the lifecycle so a new lifecycle can begin for a flower, herb or vegetable.

What is photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy normally from the sun into energy that can be later released to fuel the organisms activities.

The lifecycle of a plant

First you plant a seed. Then it germinates. Then it starts to sprout and you can see the leaves. Then it has its true leaves and that is when it's going to start getting bigger you need to get a bigger pot for your flower. And your flowers should start bugging and it will bloom soon. Then unfortunately your plan will die.