The Internet

Be Safe!

95% of teens ages 12-17 are online.

How to be safe.

Tell mom or dad to do the following:

  • Download trustworthy antivirus
  • Backup important files
  • Avoid pirated copies
  • Scan downloaded files for harm before opening


Browsing webpages with inaccurate information

Pornnographic material

Racist literature


As for you:

  • Do not tell anyone on the internet your name, age, or where you live or go to school.
  • Do not put pictures on the internet of yourself unless you ask your parents first.
  • Do not get on chatrooms

Click the link below to watch a video on how to be safe on the internet.

Virus Symptoms.

  • Unusual messages
  • Unusual music or sounds
  • Sudden missing files
  • Corrupted files
  • Unknown program appears

Anything that is UNUSUAL, UNKNOWN, SUDDEN, or FISHY should not be opened on your computer. Ask your parent if you are not sure about a certain site.


Created by Kelsey Deal

EDN 303

Spring 2013


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