JEPS Tech News 20

Term 1, 2019

Google Apps for Education

Teachers Guide

Big picture

How to access G Suite (GAFE) from the portal

  • Go to your DEC portal.
  • Go to Learning Tools then G Suite, wait for it to load and Google Classroom is in column on left hand side.
  • Put Google Classroom in essentials on your portal home page.

Google Drive

How To: Quick Tutorial for the New Google Drive (2015)
Beginner's Guide to Google Drive for Windows Tutorial 2014

Google Classroom

Google Classroom for TEACHERS
Managing Your Classroom Through Google Drive

Google Docs

Google Docs - Tutorial 01 - Basics

Google Slides

Tutorial: Google Slides
Google Slides - Tutorial 04 - Creating an Interactive Presentation

Google Forms

Google Forms - Tutorial 01 - Creating a Simple Quiz