All About Me

By Angel Isherwood

I like to sing and dance. I always go to school everyday. Sometimes I sing beautifully. I can play and run around. I would like to be a nurse. I like to rap. I like to play volleyball, but it is really hard to spike. I like to play hide and go seek with my brother and sisters. Most of all, I like to be with my friends>

I like sports and that I like to go outside and play with my brother and sisters. One thing, I get sad when I go to funerals. I am going to the Bucks game to sing.

I would like to be a nurse. I like to watch the Smurf movie. One of my favorite characters is Clumsy. I also like to watch Charley and the Chocolate Factory.

I like Math. When it is hard i try to concentrate on my homework. I like to draw and dance.

Top three ways I am smart are by nature, music, people

My learning style is hearing

My Holland code is artistic

Three career clusters picked for me are Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications, Information Technology Marketing

The job i researched was a Licensed Practical Nurse

I need to take Algebra and Medical Terminology

Average Salary is $32.440 - $54,190