Open House Smore

Hi! This is a smore of the projects we did. Hope you enjoy!

Earthquakes PBL

Driving Question:

How can we as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony

Stark that will withstand seismic activity?


We used straws, popcicle sticks, toothpicks, string, and clay for our design. The final

height was eight inches, our width four and a half, and our length was eight inches.

The house had a square, two story base with and additional side room.

Atmosphere 30 hands project

Google drive link:

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The 30 hands project was a slode show about climate change, global warming, how they affect us, and how we affect them.

Invention convention

Environmental problem:

Our environmental problem is global warming. Carbon dioxide is the most important of the gloabal warming pollutants. In order to avoid dangerous levels of warming, we must cut emmissions by 80-90 percent before 2050.

How does it solve problem:

Our creation of the solarmill powered phone charger will help cut emissions because the solarmill (windmill+solar panels) is a renewable resource. Phones and devises are a major part of our modern world, so my team and I thought of something that would make an impact. People are constantly charging their phones and that charger send out a lot of emissions. Our creation may be only one small step, but it will still make a difference in the long run.


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