OELPA Testing Update


Generating Test Tickets in TIDE:

  • Please note the statement on page 11 of the Test Administration Manual which refers to test tickets: Before you begin giving the test, make sure you have any necessary materials, including test tickets. If you need to print test tickets, refer to the TIDE User Guide (go under Resources, Online Systems on Portal) or speak with your School Test Coordinator. If students are using test tickets, distribute them prior to the login process.
  • The primary purpose of the tickets is to give each student the SSID which is needed to login to the test. If the district has another method to get the SSID to the student, the ticket is not required.
  • Test tickets are generated in TIDE and contain a student's last name, first name, grade level, date of birth, SSID, district/school name and IRN.

(information sent from ODE/LAU via email 2/26 at 4:14pm)


    23. How much time should a district/school schedule for the tests?

    The tests are untimed; however, estimates are provided for districts/schools to schedule test time.

    All four tests combined per grade band should take approximately one hour to administer for lower grade bands (K, 1, and 2-3), and up to two hours for the highest grade bands (9-12). These approximate times are for student work time only. Therefore, allow an additional 15–20 minutes to pass out test tickets, set up headphones, read directions, and perform other testing activities. Districts who schedule one test per day should schedule 15-20 minutes for the student work time for the lower grade bands and perhaps 5-10 minutes additional for the higher grade bands. Please note these are estimates as the operational test is given for the first time this spring. Students should be allowed the time needed to complete the test the same day the test was started


Speaking Assessment Portion

According to the Director of Testing Administration of CPS, who spoke with Paula Mahaley this morning:

I just heard back from the state on my clarification for the speaking portion. Unfortunately it is one adult and one student per room. Space can't be shared even if we have an adult for each student in that shared space.

This needs to be shared with your teachers for scheduling purposes. Also, please keep in mind that the tests MUST be given in the following order:





AIR/ODE - information updated

The OELPA Accessibility Manual HAS BEEN POSTED. It is on the same page as the webinar, headset information, etc.. and can be accessed here.
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