Pirate Parent Newsletter

March 9, 2023

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Independent Learning Day Friday May 10

May 10 is an Independent Learning Day. There is no school. Your students should login to Canvas and complete assignments provided by their teachers. If students do not have computer access, packets should have been made available to the student.
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Honor Roll Ceremony

On March 9, we are acknowledging our students who made the honor roll last semester. We are so proud of the hundreds of students who do the right thing daily. We have excellent scholars at Stone Mountain High and we wanted to publicly acknowledge all of them who make our school a great place to be. Please see the link below to view and to watch recordings. The 9th and 10th Grade classes were honored at 10:00 Am and 11th and 12th will be honored at 2:00 PM.

Honor Roll Link

Georgia Department of Education Stakeholder Surveys

Please complete the surveys below so we can receive important feedback from you on how we can support you and your students. Let us make sure our voices are heard. Currently, we have only 3 parents that have completed the survey. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Georgia Parent Survey

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will take place on March 16 from 3:30-5:30 at Stone Mountain High School. We look forward to seeing you then!

PAC Meeting March 15 4:45 PM

If you would like to speak or listen to the Parent Advisory Council meeting on March 15 at 4:45 PM, please click the link below.

PAC Meeting March 15 4:45 PM

Our Drive to 95- Attendance Updates

As stated in the last Parent Newsletter, our average daily attendance for February was 85%. Last week, we improved to 87.9%. We are excited about the increase but we need more. 87.9% still meant that there were 123 unexcused absences last week. We have to do better so our students can do better.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. You can monitor your student's attendance daily with the app. If you need assistance in creating a parent portal account, contact our school registrar.
  2. Call the attendance secretary when you have a sick student. Some of our student absences are illnesses but if we do not get a note, email, or call, we are forced to code the absence as unexcused.
  3. Bring your student to school on time. Daily we have dozens of parents who drop their students off late. Please bring your student daily by 8:00 am.
  4. If there are reasons your student is absent, let us know. We have resources that can support families but we need to know how we can support you.

It is extremely important that we get attendance right. As we drive for 95, we will need all hands on deck to turn this around. Our students deserve it. We can do this!

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Mobile Food Pantry

Pirate Families, we will be providing free food again on March 17 from 3:30-5:30 while supplies last. We hope to see here!

Accessing MAP Assessment Data

Did you know that you can access MAP Assessment Data from the Infinite Campus mobile App? Simply download the Campus Parent app from the Google Play or Apple Store to get started.

Accessing MAP Assessment Data

1. Click on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal App on your mobile device.

2. Click on the Drop down Menu.

3. Click on the More tab.

4. Click on SLDS Portal in the Quick Links section.

5. Click on the Performance icon. The student assessment data will appear under the Local Assessments section.

If you have multiple students, click on the dropdown menu to select a different student.

6. The MAP assessment data will be located under the Local Assessments section.

To Be Great, Be Here By 8

Parents, please assist us by bringing your students to school on time. We have dozens of students who are late to 1st period specifically. All students should be in their seats in 1st period by 8:10 am. Please have students at school by 8:00 am so they can arrive on time. All students reporting after 8:40 must be signed in by a parent. We hope this increases our daily attendance and curtails our tardies. Thank you parents for your efforts in getting our students here and on time!

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Please click here to see step by step directions on how to access Parent Portal. If you need additional assistance, please email our registrar at britanny_freeman@dekalbschoolsga.org.

Backpack/Bookbag rule- Thank You!

We have begun collecting bookbags that are not clear. Bookbags will only be returned to parents. If your student is having difficulty finding a clear bookbag, please have them see the principal.