#MichED Chat 3/26/14

Wednesday, 8 p.m.

Topic: Digital Footprints

Join us for the #MichED chat and discuss digital footprints.

The #MichED chat team for 3/26:

Moderator - Jeff Bush

Plus 1er - Todd Bloch

Greeter - Rebecca Wildman

Lurker-Puller-Outer - Rachelle Wynkoop

Questions to be considered:

Q1: How can we use the lessons from this article in school? http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/10/business/they-loved-your-gpa-then-they-saw-your-tweets.html?_r=1& #MichED

Q2: Rate 1-10 (1 bad, 10 good) As a field, how does education do with teaching kids about digital footprints? #MichED

Q3: Who should be more responsible for teaching kids about digital footprints - admin, teachers, or parents? #MichED

Q4: For students, what should we be encouraging them to use, do, create, etc. to leave their digital footprint? #MichED

Q5: Where are good lessons that show students the goods and bads of a digital footprint. What are schools already using? #MichED

Q6: As a teacher, what should our digital footprint look like? #MichED

Q7: Devil’s advocate position: there is nothing schools can do to teach students about digital footprints. They’re going to do what they want anyhow. Agree/disagree? #MichED

Q8: We tell kids not to meetup with people they meet online, but then the Twittersphere schedules tweetups. Are we setting poor examples? #MichED

Q9: Poor Digital Citizenship is modeled everywhere from ESPN to the evening news, How can teachers overcome societies’ impression? #MichED

The #MichED Chat Team