March 11 to 15 Newsletter

What's Happening

Report Cards - I hope everyone has had a chance to look at the report cards and celebrate all the hard work that your child has done over the last term. Remember to talk about 3 things they have done well and 1 thing they could improve on for next term.

Assembly - All Grade 2's will be performing at the Assembly on Wednesday. The virtue we will be presenting is Integrity. Please have your child wear black pants/skirt and a black top that day... and be prepared for a SUPERHERO welcome!

Student Led Conferences - Starting Thursday at 4:30 and Friday from 8:30 to 12:00, you are invited to come to the classroom so your child will show you what we have been learning. There will be a passport to ensure you get a chance to see everything! Don't forget to stop by the teacher station to say hi. Please check your invitation to see when your time is. If you scheduled a personal interview, it will be on your invitation as well.

Language - we are continuing to learn about how to write a great story. We have a story map ready and will be doing our writing this week.

Math - We are working on data management, and asking good graphing questions. We will continue with our problem solving.

Science - We have finished our magnet projects. They will be on display at our Student Led Conferences. Be sure to ask your child how they work. You should hear words like "attract, repel, magnetic field,".

Social - We will be starting to learn about Iqaluit in our next unit. It will be very interesting to get a chance to compare the community of Macao to another very different community!

Hope you have a great week and see you later on in the week.

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