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Nuclear Fusion IS Energy

May 5th 2016


Recently, nuclear scientist, Gabi Overcast-Hawks (scientist at Ecofriendly Energy in Durham, North Carolina) has discovered a way to create energy through nuclear fusion. Her and her lab partners, Hannah Sauls and Erin McCraw, worked day and night to discover how to harness the alternative energy.

"I realized that if the sun can heat our planet through nuclear fusion, there HAS to be a way for us to mimic that energy creation. It is so amazing knowing that we have yet another source of alternative energy to keep our planet clean!" remarked Gabi when she announced that she had discovered nuclear fusion energy.

How Does It Work?

Nuclear fusion and nuclear fission both use atoms to create energy but they do have major differences. Nuclear fission deals with atoms splitting apart and they create small amounts of energy in the process. Nuclear Fusion, the alternative energy source discovered at EcoFriendly Energy Laboratory, occurs when two atoms join together and they create energy while doing the process. Nuclear fusion was used to create the hydrogen bombs. In nuclear fission a neutron hits the atom causing it to split. Nuclear fission does not occur naturally but nuclear fusion does! One example of nuclear fusion is the sun! The sun produces it's heat and its light through nuclear fusion.

Safety Concerns

How Safe is Nuclear Fusion?

No nuclear fusion plants have been created. There is a slight risk of radiation and explosions. If you ask any scientist, they almost all would agree that ALL energy plants should be away from people so they do not pose a threat and they do not disturb or frighten citizens.

"Nuclear energy is new and we have not figured out all of the quirks and studied health effects." Hannah Sauls, one of the contributing scientists who helped with the discovery, confidently stated.

How much will it cost?

"Nuclear fusion is so new to us that we honestly don't know if it will be produced commercially. We haven't studied health effects, safety issues and tested it on a large scale. What we have done and do know is that it can be imitated in a small controlled setting. There are still tons of hoops to jump through before we can even begin to think of selling nuclear fusion energy. Nuclear fusion is a renewable resource so my guess it that it would be relatively cheap to produce. It barely gives off any emissions. But then again, a business strategy would be to overprice it so energy companies could make the most profit." stated Gabi Overcast-Hawks when approached about the question.