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SESD Pre-K-6 ~ April 27, 2020

HELLO! From all of us to all of you...


We have a few new items in our newsletter. We hope you take a few minutes and really look through it and try out some of the activities.

Please know that we are still here for all of you! If you need to contact for any reason, please use the email addresses below or click the links further below.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter. Scroll through and try out some of the activities. Don't forget to let your counselor know which activities you tried. We want to hear from you! Take care of yourselves, wash your hands, stay home, and keep in touch!

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Read Aloud

Enjoy this read aloud read by Mrs. Curry, South Eastern Intermediate School Counselor. The book is titled, I am Human. It is a wonderful story about empathy.

Click on the book cover below to begin the real aloud! We hope you enjoy it!

Character Trait

We chose to focus on EMPATHY in this newsletter as we all adapt to our "new" normal. We want to get along with everyone in our lives. Sometimes, we need to understand what other people are going through or feeling. EMPATHY means feeling or understanding how some one else is feeling. This applies to your brother, sister, mom, dad, grandparents, friends, or any other person who is close to you.
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Kindness Challenge

Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.

~Blaise Pascal (French Mathematician, 1623-1662)

What this means is you do not have to buy gifts, flowers, or things to make somebody feel better or happy, just saying a few kind words can brighten their day. For example, telling a family member “Thank you for making dinner today” or “You have such a nice smile."

Mindful Minute

Try out these videos! There are two that teach you different ways to take deep, deep breaths. Taking deep breaths help you to calm your body if you're feeling worried, scared or you just need to calm yourself. The third is another video to help you relax if you're feeling tense.

What is a COPE CAKE?

What is a COPE CAKE?

  • A cope cake is another way of saying coping skill.

  • A coping skill is something that makes me feel better when you are mad, worried or sad.

  • Some coping skills are healthy like going for a walk, taking deep breaths or taking a nap.

  • Some coping skills are unhealthy. Unhealthy coping skills are hitting, yelling or hurting yourself.

  • When you choose to do healthy coping skills you are making a good choice.

  • When you are calm you can return to what you were doing before you were upset.

  • When you use a healthy coping skill you will feel proud of yourself and those around you will be proud of you too! :)

Take a look at the “cope cake” activity link and coloring page and think about some healthy coping skills that you can use!

Career Clusters

What is a career cluster?

Career clusters are a framework that allows us to examine areas of interest without having to choose a specific career right away.

Careers have been organized into 16 clusters based on common knowledge and similar skill requirements. Within each cluster there are pathways that break those careers down further into smaller groups. This week we will highlight the Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security cluster.

Click on the link below to complete a career worksheet.

A Comfort Scavenger Hunt

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Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety

We want all of our students to be safe and respectful when using digital devices. Here is a fun game to help remind you of appropriate and safe online behavior.

The second electronic flip book about Penelope.... Try it out!

Penelope Misses Her Granny

A flip book about a young girl who is missing her Granny during our current situation with COVID 19.

Family Conflict

With everyone being at home there are sure to be more conflicts than usual. Here is a quick page to help solve some of those conflicts. There are easy questions you can learn to help solve conflicts on your own! If you use the questions it will |) help you develop empathy, 2) restore family relationships, and 3) hopefully prevent future negative incidents. We know you can do it! Give it a try :-) You can click on the picture below to make it larger.

Community Resources

COVID 19 Resources on SESD Webpage:

“Little Free Food Pantry” - 3265 Cape Horn Road Red Lion, PA 17356. - A white tent along the side of the road, across from the Apple Ford dealer. They have canned food, fresh vegetables, side dishes, stuffed animals, pet food, some toiletry supplies. This is a great resource - everything free, take or leave what you need. Consistently restocked.

Participating Sheetz locations are providing lunch, a turkey sandwich, chips, and a drink, for students daily.

The closest to our families: 3200 Cape Horn Road Red Lion, PA and 160 Leaders Heights Road York, PA

Bear Hunt PTA - family activity, participate by placing teddy bears in your windows or drive with your family and try to find as many bears as you can - fun weekend activity after school-work is done.


We hope you enjoyed scrolling through the newsletter, opening all of the tabs and finding more information behind each click! If you weren't able to view the whole thing come back later and check the rest of it out. Let us know of some topics you would like to include in our next newsletter. We want to give you information you are interested in. Remember, tell your counselor if you practiced any of the activities. See you next tiime!

~~Counselors (Pre K-6th)~~