American Society 1880-1920

By: Bailey Richards

Transcontinental Railroad (1896)

The transcontintental railroad was something to be proud of. The railroad helped improved trading but also helped importing goods back and fourth. There are so many different borders and lots of land and this was a major advantage for reaching that.

California Gold Rush (1848-1855)

The gold rush was found at the Sutter's mill. It also attracted people from Latin America, Europe, Australia, Asia. This gold rush led to the creation of California. When people started finding out what was going on in California they moved up there to try and get some gold for themselves.

The Gilded Age (1873)

This was the time period when the society of small producers were transformed into an urban society that was dominated by industrial corporations. A national transportation and communication network was also created. There were many different advantages through out this whole period.
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Women's Suffrage Movement (1848-1920)

Susan B. Anthony played a very important role during they women's suffrage movement. Women wanted to do more they wanted the right to vote, but they had to go through a very hard time to accomplish what they wanted and it was not easy at all. This movement led to the 19th amendment which gives women the right to vote.
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Dollar Diplomacy (1909-1913)

The dollar diplomacy encouraged the U.S. investment in the south. Taft created this law to ensure the financial stability of a region while protecting and extending u.s. commercial and financial interests.Roosevelts loans had been exchanged for the right to choose the head of customs.
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Machine Guns (1884)

Machine guns inflicted appalling casual tension both war front in WWI. This was a good investment because machine guns were the main killers in the war. For the men that had these devices, they had an advantage because, these were powerful machines. Guys would hide in trenches and set these guns up and they would shoot the men that were very far away.
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