Should young kids play football?

Have you ever got hit by someone who ways about 100 to 130 pounds directly in the head? Well that is what happens to tens of thousands of kids every year and most of the time it results in a concussion. According to Orlando Orthopedic Center “It’s estimated that 140,000 high school athletes suffer concussions annually nationwide and many return to play before the injury has fully healed.” Why do thousands of kids get injured every year from football, when football can just be banned. Ever since football started it has been a dangerous sport, yet people are still letting their kids play it.

There are a lot of kids every year that get concussions and the damage that follows is not good. For example “Every year tens of thousands of youth-football players get concussions" says Scope's Jennifer Shotz. The fact that all these kids are getting hurt and nobody is doing anything to help is horrible. As a matter of fact Scope's Jennifer Shotz says “football players of all ages have suffered permanent brain damage from repeated concussions-even when they’ve given their brain enough time to heal (which can be months).” So some of those tens of thousands of kids that get concussions every year and people they are still doing little to nothing to help bring that number down,and that is not ok at all. In addition Scope's Jennifer Shotz also said “if a player's brain has not healed, even a small jolt can cause permanent injury-or death." Now even if these kids do get concussions and let them fully heal they are still at risk of permanent injury or death just from playing a game. If we could just altogether stop football that would solve all of these problems but that just isn't going to happen.
In all football is a pretty dangerous sport and as long as people keep playing injuries are going to keep happening. But if football were to be banned it would all stop. No more kids getting hurt, or receiving permanent injuries from concussions, or even dying from a concussion. It would definitely be amazing if football would stop even if it has been going on for a long time and it has always been dangerous but for kids to be getting hurt like this is just not ok and an end should be put to it.