Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Un peu d'histoire (A little history)

- The Enlightenment (French Intellectual Movement)

- Writer, composer, political theorist, and more

- Naturalism: Freedom of the individual

- Du contrat social (Social Contract Theory): Sparked the French and American Revolutions

Émile, ou de l'éducation (On Education)

- 1762

- Focus on child centered education

- Man is born inherently good

- Describes ideal education of a young boy

- Concerned with focusing on natural abilities

- Learn by direct experience of the senses

- Not to be punished

- Education at the pace of the child keeping in mind their interests

- Concern with physical health

So what?

- Idea of focusing on individual as opposed to whole group

- Keeping students interests/learning styles in mind while teaching

- The child is the main focus of education