sexual harassment

knowing when enough is enough

3 forms

Sexual harassment comes in many forms. Verbal, nonverbal, and physical.

1.) Verbal harassment - having unwanted words said to you.

  • whistling at someone
  • making kissing sounds, howling, or smacking lips
  • telling lies or rumors about someones sex life

2.) Nonverbal harassment-

  • staring
  • winking
  • hand gestures

3.) Physical- unwanted touching

  • blocking someones movement
  • touching, hugging, kissing
  • rubbing against someone

did you know?

surprising facts

  • Sexual harassment can lead to Depression, anxiety, denial,Anger, fear, frustration, insecurity, embarrassment, low self-esteem, guilt, self-blame, isolation
  • The same sex situations that may occur can involve male and male, female and female and or group actives
  • 44% of sexual assault crimes happen under the age of 18
  • every 2 minutes someone in the US is being assaulted