HAS Weekly Update

November 18, 2022

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6th Grade Social, tonight, 11/18/22, starts at 7:00pm

Please note: Drop off is at 7:00 pm at the Main Door and all students must be picked up by an adult promptly at 9:00 pm at the Main Door. Students will NOT be allowed to walk/bike home.

School Spirit Points

This year we have created a friendly competition between our 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Each month the students will be participating in school spirit competitions to earn School Spirit Points for their grade level.

This month's activity is a "Can Drive." Students are still encouraged to bring in canned goods and place them in their grade level's section in room 44.

The "Can Drive" has been extended to Tuesday, 11/22/22.

Rise Against Hunger

Last year the Hillside Avenue School Peer Leaders and the Student Council, along with their families and some staff members packed over 14,000 meals for children through the Rise Against Hunger program. In 2019 we packed 10,000 meals. All our meals have gone to Nicaragua.

More than 40 percent of Rise Against Hunger’s meals are distributed to school feeding programs around the world. Those meals encourage school attendance and help put these children and their families on a path out of poverty.

We have decided to again join forces with Rise Against Hunger and we set the bar higher, this year we are striving to pack at least 16,000 meals. In order to participate in this amazing cause, we need the help of our school community to help us raise money. Throughout the year we will be holding different fundraisers.

Our first fundraiser is our School-wide Pajama Day! The day before Thanksgiving break, Wednesday 11/23/22, students can wear their coziest PJs and consider donating one dollar to help us raise money for Rise Against Hunger.

Middle school students can give their donations during lunch. For Elementary please send money in a bag or envelope marked PJ day for your child's teacher to collect.

Wednesday, 11/23/22 - Single Session


Dismissal Times:

K-AM - 11:20am

Grades 6-8 - 12:25pm

Grades 1-5 -12:40pm


WHO: Parents/Guardians of HAS/OAS 7th & 8th Graders

WHAT: Middle School Basketball Informational Meeting (PAY TO PARTICIPATE))

WHEN: December 1, 2022

WHERE: OAS Cafeteria (7:00 PM)


Click the link below for more information

Middle School Parents Basketball Meeting Flyer (12/1/22)

Community News


Please click below for a flyer for more information.



Upcoming Events

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11/18/22 - Grade 6 Social, 7:00pm, Gym/Cafeteria

11/23/22 - Single Session for students and PJ day

11/24/22 & 11/25/22 - Thanksgiving Recess

12/2/22 - "Haphazardly Ever After" (Fall Drama Production), 7pm

12/3/22 - "Haphazardly Ever After" (Fall Drama Production), 7pm

12/4/22 - "Haphazardly Ever After" (Fall Drama Production), 2pm


District - Go Green Folder

Lost and Found

We have a lot of lost items on the lost and found tables in the main hallway. Please remind your child to check the tables for any item they may have lost.


Regular daily attendance is critical to effective learning and a successful school experience. Once a student reaches 10 absences we will be sending home letters to notify parents/guardians that their child has reached this threshold.

Punctuality is also a habit HAS strives to expect and support. Middle school students who arrive after 8:10 a.m. are considered tardy. They must obtain a late pass from the office. After the sixth tardy, a student will receive a lunch detention each time they are tardy. Parents/Guardians will be notified if their child has been tardy five or more times. On February 1st tardy counts will reset and the process will begin again.

Middle School Yearbook information

Use the link below to order the Middle School Yearbook.


Click here for information about the 8th grade ADs/Well Wishes.

No Dogs on School Property

Bringing along the family dog, especially with such pleasant weather, during arrival and dismissal has become a common practice for many. However, it does pose some safety concerns for students who have a fear of dogs.

Thanks to everyone for being mindful of keeping the school grounds free of any dogs so that all students can move about freely without worry of having to come in contact or pass by a dog on the premises.

Notes from the School Nurse

Visitors/Forgotten Items

  • Please know that when items for middle school students are dropped off the students will be called at the end of the period to pick up their belonging. This is to help limit interruptions.

  • If you are coming to the building for a meeting or to pick up a student please be aware that will not be allowing anyone to enter the building while the middle school students are passing between classes during period changes. We appreciate your patience.

  • You must have your ID to enter the building. If you are dropping off your child and you don't have your ID ring the bell and had your student enter the vestibule. Your child will then ring the second bell and the office staff will bring them in and direct them to class.

Parking Lot Safety

During morning arrival and afternoon pick up please make sure you are alert, driving slowly, and looking before driving in and out of the parking lot. Many students and parents walk to and from school and are crossing the street using the crosswalks. Even if you are running late it is imperative that you take your time and proceed with caution to ensure the safety of all. Thank you all for helping to keep everyone safe.


Please make sure you email the attendance office (HAS-attendance@cranfordschools.org) or call 908-709-6229 or 908-709-6983, if your child has to be signed out early to attend an appointment.


If your child is absent for any reason, please call our absence line at 908-709-6983 (24/7) or email has-attendance@cranfordschools.org.

Kindergarten Single Sessions

**Kindergarten single sessions will alternate between AM & PM classes according to the following schedule:

11/23 (AM), 12/23 (PM), 2/6 (AM), 3/13 (PM), 6/21 (AM), 6/22 (PM)