Mrs. Ralston's Weekly Update


Charging iPads

Please help your child get in the habit of charging their iPad nightly. Just like having a pencil for class having a charged iPad is a necessity for your student to be successful in my classroom. Many students are wanting to charge them at school, but it is hard on the iPads to use while being charged, and we use them first thing in the morning.

Important Dates

Dec. 15th

Spelling 2.5 tasks due and spelling test

Dec. 17th

SFT Winter Sing-Along (1:20-2:10) and Classroom Parties (2:15-2:45)

Dec. 18th

Last Day of Quarter 2- Early dismissal

Upcoming Learning

English Language Arts: We will continue to explore the essential question of 'What motivates you to accomplish a goal?' We are reading narrative and free verse poems to learn about this theme. We are practicing identifying the theme of a poem. We are also learning about elements of poetry such as repetition and rhyme. The focus in our writing instruction is the writing trait of word choice. Students are practicing using precise language. They are also learning about prepositional phrases and closed syllables.

Math: We are learning about numbers and operations in base ten, specifically decimals. We are working on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with decimals. Our focus next week is decimal division!

Social Studies: We are continuing our Colonization Unit. We are learning about Pilgrims and Puritans, and how religion played such a huge role in the lives of the early colonists.

Science: Students will continue their technology unit with Mr. Dial.