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Dear AUSD Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

Hello! With Thanksgiving fast approaching we wanted to take a moment to thank you for entrusting your children with us. We are excited about the changes, innovations and improvements happening across our campuses. We have recently launched IXL, our first English Language Arts and Math digital curriculum. Student technology will soon be updated so that we can provide more opportunities for personalizing learning. We have teams of teaching working on identifying new science and language arts curriculum. To address the "Big Topics" facing our District, two Future Focus committees have been launched. These committees comprised of classified, certificated and management will be focused on identifying ways to ensure we have high quality curriculum for all school sites and to develop multiple pathways and programs to foster student choice and success. In short, there is much to proud of in AUSD.

We hope #AUSD CONNECT keeps you connected to our schools, the District as a whole, and provides an opportunity for two way communication.

I feel so fortunate to be part of AUSD and am excited about the places we'll go in the years to come.

Sincerely and with Appreciation,

Rich Newman, Ed.D.

Proud Superintendent of Alpine Union


One of our key goals is to make sure we build strong connections with our parents and community. To that end, Dr. Newman is developing a Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council (SPAC).

The SPAC will consist of a group of parents from across AUSD that provide input and recommendations on a range of school district issues, including new policies, projects, and materials that impact students and their families. SPAC members will be particularly focused on how to increase parent and family engagement to ensure student academic success. Members will serve as advisors to the Superintendent and will meet several times throughout the year.

If you are interested in being a part of the council please click here to complete the brief application to Mary Ann at malavarez@alpineschools.net.


The AUSD Science Leadership Committee is hard at work developing strategies to implement the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in our classrooms. One of their goals this year will be to create STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) lessons that will engage our students in exploring science ideas, as well as designing and creating solutions to problems. The committee's other goal will be to begin the process of creating a District Digital Science Textbook with videos, ideas, and links for engaging activities.


The AUSD English Language Arts Committee is piloting two separate curriculums to compare strengths and concerns specific

The California Content Standards and Framework articulate that students are taught and challenged in reading, writing, speaking and listening. this means staff must facilitate conditions for explicit and implicit teaching of these standards, assess the learning and instruction happening, as well use the adoption as resource in creating these conditions.


We are continuing to work on ways to improve our communication strategies and provide more opportunities to share the fabulous things happening in our schools.

Beginning this week, AUSD will have a monthly page in the Alpine Sun to showcase and celebrate the wonderful things taking place in our schools. It will include pictures, dates, and information on each of our schools. In addition, Dr, Newman will be writing a monthly Superintendent's Corner for the Alpine Sun to highlight the great work happening across our District.

Let' keep the good work moving forward and make sure our community is aware of what is happening in our schools. Check out this week's Alpine Sun.


Our new AUSD website has launched and continues to be a popular spot for parents. We are working on building teacher sites as well as updating resources and links to serve our parents and students. Please let us know if there are any recommendations or suggestions you might have to make our site more accessible or easy to use. We want your input and appreciate your ideas! Click here to check out the AUSD website.


We want to make sure AUSD constantly improves and becomes the Destination District of East County. To that end, AUSD is forming two Future Focus Advisory Committees that will address two “Big Topics” that are facing our District. District Leadership and each Association identified "Big Topics" and ALL AUSD staff were surveyed to determine the top two priorities.

Beginning shortly the two Future Focus Committees will tackle the following two "Big Topics":

High Quality Curriculum For All School Sites:

Multiple Pathways and Programs to Foster Student Choice and Success

These committees will be comprised of classified, certificated and management staff. The committees will analyze the topic at hand, research solutions, meet with a wide variety of stakeholders, including parents and students, to capture a range of thinking. The committees will then develop a proposal with several options for tackling the topic. The teams will present their final proposal to Cabinet for consideration by year’s end.

We will be sharing more information as these committees move forward. We are working hard to keep the positive momentum moving forward.


Our students will inherit a world that is exponentially more digital than the one we live in today. In fact, our students are growing up in a world where technology is ubiquitous, weaving itself into virtually every fabric of everyday life.

To ensure that our students are prepared to compete in the global marketplace, they will need to develop a set of skills that include the ability to collaborate with others, think critically, communicate effectively and adapt to a changing world landscape. We will need to ensure that our students have access to a range of learning opportunities that provide opportunities to think anew. This includes ensuring that students can pursue their passions and interests while being provided personalized learning opportunities and multiple pathways for learning.

Consequently, we are in the process of doing a complete analysis of our technology systems, including analyzing network needs, infrastructure, and staff and student devices. We will soon be rolling out a plan for increasing student access to mobile devices and upgrading other elements of our technology ecosystem.


AUSD is pleased to announce that we now have IXL ELA and Math for all classes and students. IXL is our first digital curriculum that we are providing to ALL students in AUSD. IXL is a web based program that can be completed at home or school. Please check with your child's teacher if you have not received a sign in for your child.

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On behalf of the AUSD community we wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Don't forget school is closed November 21 to 25.


Don't forget conferences will take place during the week of November 14th to the 18th. Schools will be on minimum day schedules. Dismissal times will be as follows:

AES - 1:00 p.m.

BOES - 12:55 p.m.

CELC - 12:15 p.m.

JMMS - 11:00 a.m.

SHES - 12:50 p.m.


Creekside Early Learning Center is the most magical place on earth—next to Disneyland of course! The Staff at Creekside all care about starting the school experience off right. Kindergarteners actively work on becoming readers and writers. Together they learn their letters and sounds and our Pathway program helps them put it all together. In Pathways the students meet every day with their reading teacher in a small group. They also go to Phonemic Awareness, ST Math, Music keyboarding, SPARKS, Word Work and Response to Intervention. Those entire things combined, give them the foundation that they need to be ready to face the world or first grade, whichever comes first. The Kindergarteners will begin this program on November 7th.

Mountain View Learning Academy (MVLA) is a successful example of what an “unchartered charter” represents. Our hybrid home school study program has all the supports and benefits of a public school with full access to transportation, school nurse services, library, innovative technology, full-service cafeteria, playground facilities, multi-purpose room, guidance counseling, as well as student support services such as speech, special education, and occupational therapy. Flexible scheduling is designed to accommodate all types of learners.

Shadow Hills 4th grade Dual Language classes have joined forces with our highly successful Pathways Discovery Science program. Dual language immersion offers a rich bilingual experience for young learners when their minds are developmentally best able to acquire a second language. Children at this age are adept at picking up language in meaningful contexts. Students will learn 50% of their day in Spanish and the other 50% of the day in English. They will become global citizens providing them with a competitive edge in the 21st century.

Boulder Oaks Elementary hosted its first Family Night of the 2016-2017 school year. Students and family members were invited to “Cookies and Canvas” to create their own masterpiece, “Owls by the Moonlight.” Special thanks to all of our Art Docents who helped with the event and especially to Lisa Lomax who led the night.

Students at Alpine Elementary School celebrated Red Ribbon Week

with different dress up days and daily activities for each day.

MON. OCT. 24 Students wore red and a school-wide picture was done

TUE. OCT. 25 Turn your back on drugs! Students wore their clothes backwards and

tied red ribbons on the fence

WED. OCT. 26 Students wore sunglasses and Drug Dogs visited the campus

THUR. OCT. 27 Students pledged to keep their hands off drugs,wore bright NEON clothes to school, and developed a school wide poster

FRI. OCT. 28 Students tune OUT Drugs and get to listen to music during lunchtime today

Joan MacQueen Middle School’s (JMMS) Fall Family Fun Night was a huge success. The Associated Student Body (ASB) put on the event and raised over $800 for a variety of activities they planned this year. The evening was just one event that occurred during our JMMS Spirit Week. The spirit at JMMS continues as the JMMS band participated at a variety of football games at Granite Hills and Steele Canyon High Schools. Students are active even on the weekends with an upcoming Pumpkin Chunkin event at CSU Fullerton and a First Lego Robotics Competition tournament. For more information on upcoming events, please visit the JMMS website.

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November 8 - PTA Meeting @ 6pm

November 11 - District closed for Veteran’s Holiday

November 14 - 18 Parent Conference Week

November 14 - AES, Dr. Newman to visit site with Mr. Dickie

November 17 - AUSD Board Meeting at JMMS @ 5:30pm

November 21 - 25 Thanksgiving Break


November 10 - Veteran's Day Bring a Veteran to Lunch

November 10 -Character Matters Performance Rms 14 & 2

November 11 - District closed for Veteran’s Holiday

November 14 - 18 Parent Conference Week

November 17 - AUSD Board Meeting at JMMS @ 5:30pm

November 18 - Family Flag Day

November 21 - 25 Thanksgiving Break

November 28 - 30 Scholastic Book Fair


November 11 - District closed for Veteran’s Holiday

November 14 - 18 Parent Conference Week

November 17 - PTA Turkey Trot

November 17 - AUSD Board Meeting at JMMS @ 5:30pm

November 21 - 25 Thanksgiving Break

November 28 - CELC, Dr. Newman to visit site

November 30 - EAK Parent Meeting @ 5:30pm


November 1-18 - Band Wreath Sales

November 7-10 - ASB Elections

November 11 - District closed for Veteran’s Holiday

November 12 - JMMS Robotics Competition @ East Lake Middle School

November 14-18 - ASB Spirit Week

November 14 - 18 Parent Conference Week

November 17 - AUSD Board Meeting at JMMS @ 5:30pm

November 21 - 25 Thanksgiving Break


November 11 - District closed for Veteran’s Holiday

November 17 - AUSD Board Meeting at JMMS @ 5:30pm

November 21 - 25 Thanksgiving Break


November 11 - District closed for Veteran’s Holiday

November 14 - 18 Parent Conference Week

November 17 - AUSD Board Meeting at JMMS @ 5:30pm

November 21 - 25 Thanksgiving Break