Technology Integration

Kinetic Tiles

Kinetic tiles convert footsteps into electricity that can power most of the building.
  • Not every tile in the building should be kinetic, as each tile has a radius in which it detects motion.

  • Kinetic tiles generate a maximum current of about 2.1 Watts of energy.

Multi-direction Elevators

  • The Wonka-esque cable-less elevator uses magnetic linear motors, so it can go in any direction.

  • It runs similar to a bus route and makes stops every 15-30 seconds.

  • Usable area is 25 percent more without the traditional cables and multi floor braking systems.


  • In the context of security, robotic drones could be outfitted with security measures to fend off intruders, disrupt fights or illicit activity, or report information via sensors to the drone controller.

  • Boeing forcefields, primarily to prevent the fatal detonation of explosives, can be used in the extremely rare case that an explosive is detonated to prevent a huge explosion and massive casualties. The shield is supposed to divert, absorb, or reflect the energy of an explosion
  • The monitoring center has access to all the doors in the building, and in an emergency, can be isolated from inside the room.

Protection and Technology

  • Advanced encryption methods such as homomorphic encryption and quantum key encryption as well as traditional filing cabinets allow for better information security and privacy.

  • Gravity-powered bolt locks ensure building security