Freaky Football!!!

Love being outside? Love sports? Try Football!

By Devon Reave$

You just got off of school. Football starts at 5:00 and it’s 4:41. It’s your first practice and you don’t know how to play football! Read this to find out how.

What you should do/How you do it

only five people on the line. On defense base means stay where you are and follow the ball. To play tackle football you have to hit hard. You have to run hard. Do what the coaches say and listen to the coaches. (run a lap YES COACH.)

Listen And Learn

Rugby made its way to United States in the 1800 and quickly became popular with college students. Back then no rugby/football players wore helmets that caused lots of concussions. NFL means National Football League to attract fans (now its just catchy).In the NFL ,college, and high school the playing field measures(100yds) (91m) long and (160ft) (49m)wide. Rugby is exactly the same as football just more dangerous.

Fun Fact

rugby is what made football

Put Your Stuff On

You wear protective gear like: long socks, padded pants, shoulder pads, and a helmet. You must wear proper protective gear. You can have plastic mouth guards. Its not easy getting your stuff on always find help. Look for a coach that’s not busy.

Its For Your Safety

Brake down when you tackle. Never put your head down ever. You wear protective gear to keep your selve save. People will help if you get hurt. You have to have a plastic mouth.(occording to Mike Kennedy in the football book made in 1998.)


Football by Mike Kennedy