Perfect Chemistry

By, Simone Akels

Perfect Chemistry

Takes place in Chicago during the present. The main conflict in the story is that the people that live in the south don't associate with the people form the North. The book beings with Brittney explaining how people thinks she's perfect and how she has managed to keep them thinking that.

The main characters are Brittney and Alex (Alejandro)

Three words that describe them are they are both strong because they have been through some tough times such as Alex watching his dad get killed and Brittney having to be perfect for her family and having a sister with a disease, They are both protective because they both are protective of their family and friends, and they both are affectionate for themselves and their family and their friends.

What are Brittney and Alex motivated by?

Brittney is motivated by her sister by having a reason to keep on moving and never let anything knock her down and Alex motivates Brit. by showing her that their is someone who really doesn't care what she looks like and accepts her the way she is. Alex is motivated by his family to be protective and he is also motivated by Brittney to let him know that there is a reason to smile and there is also a reason to smile.

Why did I like Brittney and Alex?

I liked Brittney because she helps her little sister and puts up with her mom and try's her best to keep the family in tact and helps Alex make better decisions and makes him think about his feature. I like Alex because he is protective of is family and I also like that he doesn't taking things to seriously and is more chill.

Why do i find the relationship between Alex and Brittney interesting?

I found it interesting because they both didn't know what they wanted but in the end they found that they loved each other no matter what people thought.

Book Review

By, Jocelyn Regalado