Water Usage and Conservation

By: Jeffrey Graham, Vincent Smith, and Lizzie Molina

How much water people use today:

Most people in the U.S, use about 300-500 gallons of water a day, from going to the bathroom, brushing teeth, washing hands, and much, much more!

How much freshwater, saltwater, and ice-water we have on Earth.

This image shows how much water we can use to drink, how much saltwater we have on Earth, and how much ice-water we have. Showing in this image that less that 1 percent of the freshwater we can drink on Earth, is almost 100 times lower than saltwater!

How much water does it take to preform 2 everyday tasks?

Ot actually does depend on maybe, how long your shower is. For example~ an average American takes a 10 min, or longer shower! Also, most people only. Brush their teeth for about 30 seconds, to 1 minute. Well on the other hand, Americans use between 300 and 500 gallons of water a day!

Extra Information~

About 68.7% of our fresh water is trapped in glaciers! That could help us humans, a lot!

How much water people in CA use, and for what purposes.

Most, Average Americans use about 400 gallons of water daily, for the following purposes: going to the bathroom, brushing teeth, using faucets, cleaning dishes and clothes, and there are many other (unusual) purposes.
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Water Distribution

-Water can be in three forms: solid, liquid or gas.

-Water covers around three fourths of earth's surface (75%).

-Almost 97% of water is salty or undrinkable, another 2% is in glaciers, leaving us with 1% of earth's water accessible to humans.

-The average American uses 60-80 gallons of water a day.

-To brush your teeth, it takes around 2 gallons, 2 to 7 gallons to flush a toilet, and 25 to 50 gallons take a shower.

-Every glass of water at a restaurant takes 2 cups of water to clean.

-A person can survive without food for around a month, but can only survive about a week without water.


Water is held in more places than others in the world. For example, oceans hold 96.5 percent of our water. Freshwater makes up 2.5 percent, and other saline water makes up 0.9 percent.

For freshwater, 68.7% is held in glaciers or ice caps, 30.1% is groundwater, and 1.2% is at the surface, or in other places.

Of surface water and other freshwater, ground ice and permafrost makes up 69.0%, lakes contain 20.9%, soil moisture 3.8%, swamps and marshes 2.6%, while rivers hold 0.49%, living things 0.26%, and the atmosphere holds 3.0%.

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Water conservation