Tangerines in my Tum Tum

Tangerines are yummy. Tangerine County is not yummy.

What's News?!

-Paul's family moves to Tangerine County from Houston.

-Paul finds out about all the bad things in Tangerine County(muck fires, thunderstorms, sinkholes)

-Paul goes to his new school (Lake Windsor Middle School)

-Paul goes to soccer tryouts and becomes the new goalie on the soccer team.

-Paul is kicked off the team because he was legally blind. Players with IEP weren't allowed to play on the team without insurance problems.

-Mike Costello gets killed because of standing next to a metal goalpost.

-Arthur becomes the new holder in the Erik Fisher Football Dream after Mike dies.

-Paul and Joey go to a carnival and meet the kids from Tangerine Middle.

-Lake Windsor MS experiences a sinkhole.

-Paul gets a fresh start without any IEP problems at Tangerine Middle.

Erik Fisher Football Dream Updates

The Erik Fisher Football Dream has impacted the Fisher family more than they may notice. One way this dream has affected the family is because the parents have started to focus more on different children. Dad focuses more on Erik and the football dream since he always regretted not playing football in college. Mom is a bigger supporter for Paul than Dad, since mom hasn't been caught up in the Erik Fisher Football Dream yet. Secondly, Erik is an outstanding kicker on the football team while Paul is an amazing goalie on the soccer team. This shows that both Fisher brothers are athletic. Lastly, Erik is a bad person while Paul is not. It is obvious that Erik isn't a good kid because of the friends he has and the way he acts. Erik acts like he's the king of the world, but in real life, all he did was kick a few field goals. He even laughed at Mike Costello for getting struck by lightning. Paul is more modest and doesn't go around bragging about his soccer skills, even if he is very good at what he does. As you can clearly see, even though Erik is very good at what he does and has a lot of supporters, he will never be as good of a person at the heart than Paul.

Tragedy Strikes

On Tuesday, September 5, Mike Costello was mysteriously killed when an enormous flash lit up the football field. Mike was standing next to the football uprights when he was struck down. That morning, Erik Fisher and his best friend Arthur were at football practice with Mike. His younger brother Paul was at the grocery store. At practice, after Mike was struck, policemen, ambulances, and the coaches were there too save him, but it was no use. Mike was dead before he even hit the ground. Mysteriously, after Erik and Arthur told their families of this tragic news, the two kids started laughing at Mike's death. Paul Fisher suspects that because Mike Costello didn't fit into the Erik Fisher Football Dream, he had to be replaced by Arthur in some way. This one event caused many moms with kids in the football program to revolt against practicing on rainy days and caused football practice to be rescheduled to a different time.

MOYA close-up

In the book Tangerine, young adolescence is one of the main topics. One problem that happened to Paul because of young adolescence was IEP. Paul was legally blind, which caused him to be kicked off the soccer team. Players with medical problems couldn't play on the team. The coach didn't want any insurance problems, even if that meant kicking off the best player on his team. Secondly, Paul was bullied a lot by his brother Erik. Erik is bigger and stronger than Paul, giving him a huge advantage. Also, Erik gets more attention from his parents, causing them to not see all the bad things Erik did. Lastly, their parents focus more on Erik and his football dream instead of Paul and his soccer dream. They think Paul isn't that good at soccer since he's visually impaired. As you can see, young adolescence isn't a easy time to get by. Paul needs all the support he can get to get past this difficult time period.

Help us rebuild Lake Windsor Middle School!!

On Monday, September 11, Lake Windsor Middle School got hit by a sinkhole. Students need to start going back to school as soon as possible, so we need all the help we can get. Bring shovels, building supplies, and other supplies to help us rebuild this school to its old glory.