Happy May DAY!!

May Flowers! Happy May Day..


I took Last month off . I probably should not have as I noticed that our volume decreased dramatically. A lot of that has to do with me. So back to the drawing board, I always like doing these news letters. They make me feel more connected with you all and I hope that it helps you feel more connected with me.

I wanted to give you some quick definitions on what DoTerra's Alphabet soup What are the Meanings of PV OV and LRP .

Let's Start with PV means Point Value and Personal Volume

Point Value is how many point you will receive when you order a product. Not all products have a matching Point Value as they cost an example of this would be the lip balm. It's actual cost is 4.75 but you only get 4 points. You also run into this when you purchase samples the will not have any points. Anything that has point you can purchase with you saved up points.

Personal Volume means your monthly volume for you . IF you would like to get paid commissions, Bonuses and any other Money you need to have at lease 100PV in your shopping cart at all times ! If you would like to get the free product of the month you need to have 125PV. This month we have a promo that if you order 200PV you get some really awesome products FREE. DoTerra does these promos once a quarter.. PV Point Vlaue and Personal Volume is usually less than the actual cost of what you are purchasing so be aware if you are spending a 100$ you probably WILL NOT have a100PV in your CART.

Next let me explain OV

Over all Volume If you are building a business with DoTerra this is a very important term to keep in mind because this is how you will increase your rank. My current rank is is executive meaning my teams over all volume is 2000ov. To reach this rank everyone on your team has to purchase an Overall Voulme to equal 2000.

I currently have one true builder and her rank in director which is an OV of 1000. Everyone under her has built there orders up to equal 1000 OV.

I'm Working with a few other folks on my team to become Intentional Builders. IF you would like the opportunity to learn more about building a team and making money please email me, text me or reach out by phone we will set up a time to go over a business over view. I would love the opportunity to do that with more of you.

Also if you are one of my builders and I ask you what you goal OV is for the month I mean what over all volume do you plan to build to. I would love to see all of my team this month each build to 1000 OV. This can be accomplish in lots of ways. Enrolling new team members and consistently having your members on LRP

Next Let us Review LRP

Loyalty Rewards Program The Loyalty Rewards Program is how you earn your monthly points. By placing your order as a LPR order you immediately earn points that can be used to redeem for free product . The Longer you are place your order under an LRP the more point you earn up to 30%

When you are building a business with and earning commissions with DoTerra you should have your LRP built up to 100 PV every month.

Additional Benefits

One monthly Loyalty Rewards order totaling 125 PV or more, that is scheduled to ship on or before the 15th of each month, will include a free product!
• No-hassle, automatic shipment of the dōTERRA products you use on a monthly basis
• Freedom to change your LRP order up to your monthly ship date
• Powerful loyalty incentive for new customers and consultants that you personally sponsor
• View Loyalty Rewards points online in your mydoterra.com back office
• LRP orders can be set to ship any day between the 1st and the 28th of the month.

Some Other things to remember about LRP

• Minimum monthly Loyalty Rewards order of 50 PV to earn product credits

• No maximum monthly credit accumulation limit

• Product credits expire 12 months from the date of issue

• Product credits can be used to purchase full PV products only

• Product credits can be redeemed by phone by calling 1-800-411-8151

• Redemption orders cannot be combined with other product orders and have no PV

• A redemption fee of $3 per 100 points, applicable taxes, and shipping and handling charges will apply

• Must be an LRP participant for 60 days before credits can be redeemed

• All product credits will be immediately cancelled with LRP cancellation

• Product credits have no cash redemption value and are non-transferable

• Products purchased with LRP credits are not for resale

• Cancellation of LRP order must take place over the telephone by calling Member Services at 1-800-411-8151

• Orders with a minimum of 1 PV* will maintain both Loyalty Reward level (%)** and previously accrued points* Loyalty Rewards orders must exceed 50 PV per single order to earn Reward Points. ** Loyalty Rewards orders must exceed 50 PV per single order to advance Loyalty 30% - See more at: http://www.doterraeveryday.com/lrp/#sthash.TippZmYF.dpuf

I hope that these help Clear up some confusion about the Alphabet soup .

If you have any other questions I am always available for questions you can catch me on FB on My FB page Andie's Essential Oils

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My Email is andieevie06@gmail.com

I can't wait to see what this month will bring to our Happy Little Team

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