Research Project 2

Intro to Research

Task One: Choosing a topic.

Choose a topic or issue:

Examples of topics include:

· Literary Elements (Point of View) used in a piece of literature.

· A thematic element used in literature.

· Author or Genre

· Problem or issue you want to research.

· Rhetorical Space

· Character Development

· Cultural influence or perspective

Task two: Write a two paragraph proposal.

a. One paragraph should include a topic, issue, or area of interest you wish to research further, why this topic or area is significant, and where you plan to gather information for your research.

b. Within your second paragraph you should discuss how you want to present your research. You can choose to do this through a performance (dance, monologue, scene, song, ect.), visual art (digital narrative, animation, painting, ect.), or through more traditional methods, such as a research paper OR digital presentation.

Task Three: Research five different sources.

a. Students should show evidence that they can create a one-page bibliography using either MLA or APA formatting.

b. Sourses should represent both primary and secondary.

Task Four: Evidence of Research.

a. Students should show evidence that they have conducted some

form of analysis of the sources (texts) used in their research.

Task Five: Present your Research.

a. Students should choose a specific modality to present their

Research project:

· Academic Paper.

· Multi-Media Presentation

· Poster Presentation

· Performance (Song, Monologue, Scene, Dance).

· Digital Movie or Animation or photography.

· Painting or other visual mixed media.

Examples of Research Presentations.


Creation based off of Perception


Memoirs of a Geisha, Movie, Book, Essays on Creativity and Perception (Merlou-Ponty).


Used specific quotes from sources (25) to show how the movie (Memoirs of a Geisha) connected to own life.


Painting based on original short essay.


Police Brutality


Newspaper articles, academic papers, websites (grassroots movements), you tube videos.


Used analysis to show evidence for pros and cons for police tactics in inner-cities.


Digital Mash up of videos and sources