Someone to Love Me.

Anne Schraff.

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Book Review by Alashia Crump.

She's sophomore in high school. At that age we want to be treated as adults while also being babied and loved on by our parents. But how can you get treated as adult or a child when your parents are not even around ?
Cindy Gibson is very very lonely her mom is out all hours of the night with her boyfriend , and not paying attention to Cindy. Since Cindy's' mom really isn't being a mother Cindy goes to very extreme measures to get her moms attention. Though her mom didn't make her go to school her best friend ,Jamie, did she would beg, scream, and cry until Cindy would come to school. Jamie then began to regret that decision when Cindy starts to talk to her abusive ex-boyfriend , Bobby, Cindy hates him for what he did to Jamie. But one thing Boddy does give Cindy is the one thing that she wants and that's attention.
After Cindy's mother disappears for a weekend to Vegas with her boyfriend. Cindy decides to sneak out and go see Bobby at his football practice. Well a football practice turns into a date. A date turns into a life threatening situation involving drugs. Weeks later Cindy's still hanging out with bobby thinking she can change when they arrive at the drug lords house Cindy spots her moms boyfriend dealing to underage teenagers. She runs home to tell her mom who quickly lashes out on her thinking she's telling lies. Suddenly Cindys mom gets a call from raffie , her boyfriend saying he's locked up but Cindys' mom thinks its a set.
After rejecting his calls time after time Cindys mom answers the phone to a raging raffie cursing and screaming at her telling her she needs to come get him. At that moment Cindys mom remember the same package raffie gave her a few weeks ago that he told her not to touch. She left the phone there and went to open the package she opened it to see it was cocaine. She quickly ran to Cindy and begged and plead for her forgiveness for not only accuse her of lying but also not being a good mother and giving her the support and attention she needed. Cindy forgave her and her mother told her she would never but anyone else before her again. I would definitely recommend this book to another person.

Meet Anne Schraff.

Anne Schraff was born September 21, 1939. She went to California State where she studied to be a teacher before she became a full time author. She was not even a teenager when she came to the states to live with her grandmother after the passing of her father. Every since then she has been writing and publishing books.