Henry Hudson

Billy Cummings

Background On Henry Hudson

While it was quite unknown, it is believed that Henry Hudson was born in 1560 in England Circa. He explored in 1607, 1608, 1609, and 1610. Two different companies paid for his voyages and they were The Muscovy Company and The Dutch East India Company. Information about Henry Hudson's life early before he was an explorer is somewhat unknown, but it's believed that Hudson had spent lots of years on the seas and he started as a cabin boy and eventually he became the ship's captain.

Motivation: Gold

Henry Hudson wanted to be an explorer and had certain goals in mind. One of his goals was to explore for a passage across the North Pole to Asia. This is why the companies hired him and this is what he was determined to do as well. Hudson also wanted to to travel west to look for a passage through North America. Early on curiosity was probably the biggest motivation for Henry Hudson but that changed during the end of the first voyage. In 1592, Henry Hudson and his men captured a ship and things like spices, silks, quilts, and other valuable things were found and a second voyage was now a must after there discovery.


Henry Hudson didn't accomplish everything he wanted but he did accomplish some pretty important things during his voyages.Hudson and his crew found important items during the voyage like spices, silks, quilts and other things. One of those things is the Hudson River which is named after him. Another accomplishment of Hudson is he also explored the Hudson Bay. Not everything was good about Hudson's journey. People died during the voyages including John Colman. At the end of the fourth voyage, Hudson was captured as well as everyone on board and he was never heard from again after that.
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