Education is the Key to Equality...

...especially when a year of school earns a girl 10% more.

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The Mission

UNICEF has found five major strategies to improve gender equality, one of which is to improve women's education. Two thirds of the illiterate are women, and only fifty percent of them graduate from primary school in developed countries. For women to be able to provide and sustain jobs, they need to have the education to do so. It also improves infant mortality rates- a year of schooling lessons the risk of a woman's child dying by 10%.
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How we can Create an Maintain Gender Equality through Education

  • Implement literacy and leadership classes for women in LDCs
  • Work to overcome biased education laws that limit women in these countries
  • Support the training of more female teachers
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How You Can Help

Tostan is a charity group which implements inclusive, non-judgmental education programs. This charity was named as one of the five best charities for women by Melinda Gates, and the Tostan web page claims that their programs have resulted in 19,000 women being selected into community leadership positions. It also claims that is has led to 7,000 communities declaring that their daughters will not marry before age 18, and 3 million people swearing an end to female genital cutting.