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Newly Revised Weekly News and Website

Whew! We made it through the first nine weeks! From feedback and suggestions I have revamped the weekly newsletter and the social studies website. I am always looking for ways to better serve your needs. I am flexible and always willing to do what works for all of you.

The social studies website now has internal webpages for each grade level. Right now, I have the entire second semester completed. Wherever you are in the planning process, I hope this helps. My goal is to add a Unit of Study each week, to always be ahead of the planning.

The S.A.S.S. newsletter will be weekly now. I will include a teaching strategy, literature connection with lesson ideas and writing prompts. Michelle Maple and Julia Levin are the experts in the Language Arts content, we hope these little tips will help your social studies language arts integration.

As always, I am here as a support to you and I am available to you!

April Bowden

Elementary Social Studies Designer

Elementary Social Studies Website


iCivics is a website that was founded by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. iCivics provides free lesson plans, games, and other resources for civic education. The mission of iCivics is to make learning and teaching about American government and civil society fun, exciting, and relevant to today.

The fabulous part of this website is that ALL grade levels learn government and civics. The following two pictures demonstrate the benefits and options that iCivics has to offer. Please take a look at this site and the beauty is that you know the creator is an expert in the field!


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