Tiger Times

Weekly News & Notes - May 6th -10th

Titus Highlights:

Upcoming Events . . .

May 4th:

May 7th:

  • Home & School Association Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

May 8th:

  • 4th grade PEN Invention Convention @ Jamison Elementary School
  • Home & School Association Flower Sale

May 9th:

  • Spotlight on the Arts
  • 3rd grade - 6:30 PM @ Titus' Dining Room
  • 4th grade - 7:30 PM @ Titus' Dining Room

May 13th - 16th

  • Home and School Association Book Fair

May 15th:

  • 5th grade PEN Mock Trial - 6:00 PM @ Doylestown Courthouse

May 16th:

May 17th:

  • Students find out their field day team colors
  • District Art Show Opening Night - 6:30 PM @ Mill Creek ES

May 19th:

Walk for a Cause . . .

Last week the Titus student body, staff and community came together to support The American Cancer Society through Titus’ Walk for a Cause. The event began with a special presentation from the Curtis Family – CB teachers, CB students, cancer survivors, fighters & caregivers. They shared what it was to battle cancer as a family. Father and son shared their own stories of survival, and we all got a small glimpse of what it means to live with, fight and survive cancer. We had moms, dads, grandparents and family friends lead our walk as survivors and testaments to our commitment to make a difference. Which is exactly what we did . . . the day’s walk collected an excess of $2000.00.

It was a very special day, the type of day that reminds me how fortunate I am to be at Titus. I want to give a special thank you to the creators behind the day – Miss Musitano, Miss Spohn, Mrs. Landis & Mrs. Williams. Also, I want to acknowledge two special young ladies – Kylie Hughes & Abby Maletz - who donated over $100 to the day’s events, a year’s worth of hot chocolate and lemonade stand profits. Thanks everyone . . . for everything!

Boomerang Award . . .

April’s Asset - Reading for Pleasure.

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated by their teachers for the April Boomerang Award: Karly Morton, Ananya Siragavarapu, Rachel Feng, Isabella Swartz, Elizabeth Haudrich, Domenic Ursino, Molly Kelch, Michael Kirby,Maddie Pearce, Maddy Cooper, Johnny Pluznyk, Paige Martin, Srikar Yelamarthy, Megan Hua, Michael Corney, Alex Ursino. Alex Ursino went on to represent Titus’s nominees in the district award. Congratulations to all of our avid readers!

May’s Asset - Positive View of Personal Future. Young person is optimistic about his or her own future and strives to reach his/her goals. They have hopes, dreams,enthusiasm and plans. He/she demonstrates strong efforts to achieve their goals, whatever they might be. Send your nominations to Mrs. Horan (jhoran@cbsd.org) by May 20th.

Time to Register . . .

Do you have an incoming Kindergarten student or First-Grader? Does your neighbor? Spread the word! Early registration helps with future planning and contributes to more accurate class size allocations. Please be sure to register with Central Bucks School District's Registration Department for any child starting in Central Bucks next year! CLICK HERE for more details from Central Registration.

Summer Reading Program . . .

Interested in summer reading opportunities?

Join Miss Brennan and Miss Wallace for an informational meeting about some new and exciting ways to engage your child in summer reading here in our own Titus library! Bring your child on Thursday, May 16th to learn more about this wonderful and unique opportunity. Be sure to check out this link for a sneak peek of what’s to come this summer. Hope to see you there.

District Art Show . . .

Save the date! The opening night of the District Art Show 2013 is on May 17th from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at Mill Creek Elementary. Every year, many of our Titus students are featured. Why not gather your family and check out the incredible talents of students across the district?

Library News . . .

All student library books will be due on May 28th. To participate in Field Day, all library books must be returned or paid for by field day - June 7th. If someone finds a book after payment is made, the library will refund the money.

Home & School Association:

Spring Has Sprung . . .

Titus' annual flower sale is scheduled for May 8th. This year we will be offering opportunities to pre-order your flowers, plants & hanging baskets. For more information visit the Flower Sale page on the Home & School web site. Happy Spring!!!

Book Fair Help Needed . . .

It is time for the Titus Spring Book Fair! Please consider volunteering an hour of your time to help make this event a success for our kids.

Interested? Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Click here
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Sign up & Choose your spots

If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact Mrs. Terri Kelch.

Open Positions on the Board . . .

Interested in the Titus Home & School Association Board?

As a member of the Board, you help make decisions on how fund-raising money is spent and plan which fun activities to include during the school year. The Board meets once a month. If you are interested in joining the Board, please submit your name to Mr. Steve Cashman no later than May 28th. Your name will be placed on a ballot and the vote will take place on May 29th at the General Home and School Meeting. For more information and specifics as to what each position entails, please click here.

Open positons include:

  • Lead President
  • Co-President
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Recording Secretary
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Co Vice-Presidents (2)
  • Member at Large (2)

Chairperson needed:

  • Hospitality