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Beginning a business in dōTERRA is fun and easy. Let this page be a jumping off point for your business. Start by watching these videos, work with your mentor each week to set goals and participate in the training systems offered to support you in your business building.

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Convention is one of the most important aspects of building your dōTERRA business.

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Building a Financial Pipeline

The Compensation Plan

These videos are slightly outdated in that you will see them refer to IPC's this recently changed and we are Now Wellness Advocates or WA's

The Compensation Plan
Comp Plan Simplified

Training systems for the business:

Educate yourself on the essential oils & other products, start here with these videos:

Introducing dōTERRA. Empowering You to Be Ready for Anything
What is a doTERRA Essential Oil?
Why You Should Choose doTERRA Essential Oils
The Delicate Process of Sourcing doTERRA Jasmine Essential Oil
Learn About dōTERRA Hawaiian Sandalwood
Sourcing doTERRA Peppermint
Sourcing doTERRA Vetiver with Co-Impact Sourcing Practices
Sourcing doTERRA Arborvitae Essential Oil
Sourcing doTERRA Lemon and Bergamot Essential Oil

Learning about CPTG and Purity

Essential Oil GC/MS Testing with Dr. P
Dr. Robert Pappas on Essential Oil Chemistry

Get an AromaTouch technique and get certified in giving:

This technique is such a powerful way to share the oils and support your friends, family and enrollments.
Aroma Touch Technique

Welcome to our Wise Heart Wellness Advocate dōTERRA Family!

Hi! I am dōTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate Meghan Harlow and I am so pleased to have you join us! I am honored to share this journey with you! We have an amazing team! Contact your upline mentor or myself with any questions, we are very happy to support you along this incredible journey!