The Chritmas Carol

By Kolin Bird

Once upon a time there lived a mean man named Mean Steve and he hated Christmas he hated the name. He was never in the Christmas spirit and said humbug! One very morning while he was working at his shop his servant in the shop mumbled “Merry Christmas sir can I take the day off to spend time with my family, after all it is Christmas?” “No humbug!” Shouted Mean Steve! Then his nephew James walked in and said Uncle it’s Christmas give the guy a day off “Humbug” Yelled Mean Steve.

Then that night he went to bed a ghost came to warn him about three ghosts were going to come, and teach him a lesson of Christmas. The ghost said “The ghost of the past, present, and future are going to come and teach you the true meaning of Christmas. “Oooooooooo” the ghost mumbled disintegrating into the wind. Then it was 1:00 and the first ghost was going to come then bam the ghost came.

Then the ghost said “ I’m the ghost of the past now lets go see your past.” She snaps her finger and they were in Mean Steves past. They went to Mean Steve's old town and they went to his old school. Then they went into the school and there was a person crying on his desk. It was Mean Steve crying because his very father had left his family then about ten minutes later his sister Bella came in and said “Dad has came back Dad has came back.”

It warmed Mean Steves heart to remember how good of a sister Bella was “let me go back I promise I will change I will change sprite!” Then he was back in his bed hugging his bed curtains. Then when the first ghost went away it was 2:00 and the 2nd ghost was going to come soon after that the 2nd ghost came and the ghost said, “I am the ghost of the present and we will see what happened a in your present life.”

They were in James house. James had a very ill son named little Jon. He had an accident with his leg. One very day when he was playing outside with his friends he had died of a heart attack. Then when the news spreaded around James said, “My very son has passed on he is in a better place now.” Everyone was sobbing with tears. Then mean Steve yelled ,“I will change I will do anything to change this.” Then he went back to his bed hugging his bed curtains.

Then it was 3:00 and the 3rd ghost was going to come. Then a moment after that the 3rd ghost came and and whispered “I am the ghost of the future.” They were at a grave and Mean Steve yelled, “I know who died I know who.” Then the ghost of the future pointed his finger at the grave and mumbled “Go!”

Then he walked up to the grave and with surprise Mean Steve yelled “I’m the one who died can this be fixed?” The ghost nodded his head Mean Steve yells very loud, “I will change I will never ever hate Christmas again!” Then he was hugging his curtains

Then he was very, very happy and Christmas jolly and he never hated Christmas agen.
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
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