Welcome to Piney Woods!

The Jewel of the East Texas Region


Our out door activities include:

hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, camping, hunting and mountain biking.

Some great sights for seeing are:

Big Thicket National Park,B.A. Steinhagen lake, Bob Sandlin lake, Brandy Branch lake, Caddo lake, Conroe lake, Fork lake, Gilmer lake, Gladewater City lake, Hawkins lake, Holbrook lake, Houston County lake, Jacksonville lake ,Kurth lake, Lake O' the Pines, lake Livingston, Lone Star lake, Cypress springs lake, Martin Creek lake, Monticello lake, Murvaul lake, Nacogdoches lake, Naconiche lake, Pinkston lake, Quitman lake, Raven lake, Sam Rayburn lake, Striker lake, Timpson lake, Toledo Bend lake, Tyler lake, Welsh lake, Winnsboro lake, Wright Patman lake, Carnegie History Center, Dayton Old School Museum, The History Center, Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Museum for East Texas Culture, Sterne-Hoya House, Stone Fort Museum and Caddoan Mound State Historical Park.



Here in the Piney woods the Caddo Indians used to thrive around the area. You can see their huts they made with cane, and you can see where the Caddos cultivated the land, made pottery and traded with the mound-builder tribes around the area. If you want to learn more visit the Caddoan Mound State Historical Park.


In Piney Wood we have hundreds of different species of plant and animals. We have pine trees all over the park that home squirrels, chipmunks, woodpeckers and more, and you can see deer in the park while hiking or mountain biking the trails. You can also see a beautiful bird called the painted bunting it has bright colors that you cant miss.


In Piney Wood the climate is nice and warm perfect for swimming and fishing on the lakes. it gets a little humid in the summer and cool in the winter so bring a jacket!


By: Cameron Gignac