all about me

by jessie

about me

my famly..I have 4 brothrs named Bradin, Jamie kalb ,and my adobid brothr bret. I have 3 dogs named Luky ,stubs and roogr .my mom's name is carle my dad's name is brous.I am 9 I was born in 2006 11,13 Luky is 10 or 11 in hoomen yers interests. I like to play sports .I like to piay football the most .I like to play baskitball to .I like to play electronics . I like to play hide and go seek . importan memreys ; One of the memreys i have is when I went to florda .An nuthr memrey is when I won my 1st motrsicl trophey . Goles; this year I want to lern divishan . and next year I want to lern how to do it betr. in colich I want to work on trucks and video games.