Compose & Decompose Fractions

TEK 3.3D

The standard says...

compose and decompose a fraction a/b with a numerator greater than zero and less than or equal to b as a sum of parts 1/b

The Big Idea...

Fractions can be broken apart (and put back together) into unit fractions.

Resources to Help

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Math Mentor Text - Full House by Dayle Ann Dodds

Miss Bloom runs the Strawberry Inn, and she loves visitors. All through the day she welcomes a cast of hilarious characters until all the rooms are taken. It’s a full house! But in the middle of the night, Miss Bloom senses that something is amiss — and sure enough, the guests are all downstairs eating dessert. Readers will be inspired to do the math and discover that one delicious cake divided by five hungry guests and one doting hostess equals a perfect midnight snack at the Strawberry Inn. Piece of cake!

As each guest comes into Miss Bloom's house, we will compose our fractions (also basically adding fractions). Then, we'll use the book to pull apart the fractions as well (or decompose them). Also, all of the guests get a piece of Miss Bloom's cake and it's in the shape of a circle. I'm going to use this book in small group, and we are going to use the circle fraction pieces to make the cake. Then, we'll start with 6ths, since that's in the book, and compose and decompose the fractions. Then, we'll make "cakes" with the other fraction circles and practice composing and decomposing those as well!
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