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January 8, 2016

Save the Date!

Jan.13-Wear gym shoes

Jan.15-Clowes field trip money due

Jan.18-MLK Jr-snow make up day if needed


  • Thank you for your help at the Winter Party-the kids had a blast! A special thank you to Mrs. Isaacson for putting it all together!
  • We are in need of large and regular size ziploc bags for the classroom. If you could donate a box, we would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  • Please be on the lookout for white or red "brown" bags for Valentines. If you see them anywhere, let me know. I would like to get them for the kids' Valentines. Thank you!


We read A Tale of a Tail and How Bat Got It's Wings this week. We also read other stories where we practiced the skills of long a. Our grammar skill was were and was. Next week we will work on long e, prefixes, and has and had.

We wrote about our New Year's resolutions in writing. Resolutions included eating healthy, working on math facts, and not fighting with siblings!

Your child can work on the Raz-Kids website at anytime for more practice on reading comprehension. If you think your child's level is too easy let me know and I can increase the difficulty. The teacher username is: smitchellav

Spelling Words for Next Week

me, we, keep, play, because, feed, beak, seat, rain, other


We learned about measuring, animal weights, more than/less than, and comparison stories. Next week we will work on solving number stories, dice sums, turn around facts, and fact patterns.

*Our goal at the end of first grade is to pass Level 5 in chomputation.

Let me know if you would like me to send home flashcards for chomputation. Here is a great link to practice timed facts:

Science/Social Studies/Health

We started a new Science chapter-The Nature of Science. We learned about senses and Science tools. We observed items with magnifying glasses. We will continue these concepts next week.