Come And Join Us!

Some Fun Facts!

*Athens have at least one teacher for every gender,

*In Athens 18 year old boys start going into the MILITARY,

*They have a democracy,

*Athen is one of the top City~State,

*Athens love other City~States,

*They focus really hard on school education,

*Athens trade all around the world,

*Any citizens rich or poor can join a group called the Council of 500.

Woman and Slaves

The woman's in Athen are treated very poorly they are not allowed to inherit there husbands property when there husbands die, and they are not allowed vote.

The slaves in Athen are treated very well. The slaves do most of the farming since the men are engaged in education. Slaves also do house work or can serve as a clerk in the office, but these jobs are only for the lucky ones.

Athens Democracy

Athens Democracy system is where people have a say (vote) and participate in the government. The Democracy makes all the discissions.

Economy in Athens

The economies traded everything in excess. They specialize in olive tree, beekeeping and creating fabulous works of art. Athens trade olive oil, honey, and pottery.