Galloping Gazette

A newsletter for the Faculty and Staff - Week 10/29-11/2

Put Students First • Seek Growth • Be Open to Change . Do Great Work Together • Value Differences

Shout Outs

Shout outs to Kelly McNeely, Michelle Nicolosi, Deb Vickery, and Al Doss as you added joy and creativity to the Regions unit with student created projects showing innovation, and student choice. - Patti & Robyn

Thank you to Jennifer Pleasant for covering the front desk while Ceci was on leave. Thank you to Ceci and Jennifer for managing the many parents entering school for big events. - Robyn & Patti

Colleen- you and your team are amazing! Thank you for making lunch spooktacular! - Danielle

Robin- Thank you for helping me out with my first quarterly, you rock! - Danielle

Thanks, Al, for your continuous support with instructional technology and for helping me produce the video on student engagement for VASCD. Your ongoing behind-the-scenes work has such a positive ripple effect of students/staff at CFES and beyond! - Bevin

A big thanks to Al and Sharon Y for allowing Pre-K to use your extra ipads for our first Kahoot adventure! Love, Pre-K. - Stacey & Lisa

Thank you Al for helping run the pumpkin catapult lesson with both of my classes! - Ally

Thank you Jenny for always sending such great ideas, games, materials, and formatives for third grade! - Third Grade

Thank you to my Feisty and Funny Four teammates for always making me laugh! - Ally

Shout out to Francis for doing an amazing job with our 3rd grade crew, and shout out to Christine and Francis for being flexible and helping us out when we needed some extra support! - Anna and Michelene

Shout out to Mr. Richardson for keeping our classrooms so clean and making sure I get to my car safe when I work too late at night - Anna

Thank you to Al, Ms. Mercy, and Ms. Backer for assisting with the 5th grade Annual Egg Drop! You guys rock! –The 5th grade Team

Shout outs to Mrs. Kernodle and Mrs. Torres for being so kind and ready to help their classes get ready for their Schoology test!

If you have any shoutouts, please send them to Mrs. Backer and Mrs. Jacobs by Thursday.

Principal's Message for the week

Wow! First Quarter is coming to an end!

First quarter is one huge assessment and I'm not just referring to grades and scores. This was the time to learn about our students, parents, and in some cases family dynamics as it pertains to your student's ability to meet with success in school. There should also be time for self assessment and reflection.

Ask yourself these questions.

-What is going well?

-What do I want to change/improve on?

-What are my working relationships with my colleagues like?

-Am I in a good place emotionally to help students grow academically and socially?

-Do I have a positive outlook on life?

-What do I contribute to the CFES learning community?

Sometimes we are so busy assessing everything and everyone around us we forget to assess ourselves. This is a profession of service and sacrifice for others that value can not be measured. Continue to grow, learn, and tap into this positive energy that is so awesome here at CFES to keep your batteries charged!


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Colts Pride in Action

As part of our purposeful work to design a school culture where our PRIDE is encouraged and celebrated each week a staff member or group of staff members will be highlighted for demonstrating one aspect of P.R.I.D.E

Innovative, Design and Engagement highlight:

BRAVO to Mrs. Sinnen as she took a risk using SeeSaw for assessing with our K students! Just like we have in other PLCs, we have discussed how to use technology to save time and not let assessments stop our small group instruction. This is especially challenging as many of the assessments in the lower grades are verbal. It important to note that not all risks work on the first time and I am impressed with Mrs. Sinnen's growth mindset when the technology couldn't keep up with our the pace of our students.

Schedule for upcoming weeks

Nov. 5th - Nov. 16th

Disability History and Awareness Month

National Bullying Intervention Awareness Month

National Dyslexia Awareness Month

Fairness is our Character Trait

  • LA Quarterly is to be given this week - (will review data week of November 12)

    Monday, November 5th

    • Girls on the Run 2:40p - 4:20p
    • Art/Music/PE grades/comments finalized by 5:00 p.m. Homeroom teachers should NOT transfer grades until after 5:00 p.m. on Monday or else you will not capture specialists grades and comments.
    • SCA Coin Wars begins

    Tuesday, November 6th

    • Staff Day/ Virtual Learning Day
    • Leadership Meeting -Cancelled
    • Homeroom teachers finalize grades/comments by 5:00 p.m. Please send a PDF to Mrs. Mounce when you are complete.

    Wednesday, November 7th

    • Lifetouch Make-Up Photos

    • Girls on the Run 2:40p - 4:20p

    • Staff Jeans Day if contributed to United Way

    • 8:30 - 9:30 Mr. Bill Johnson from Technology here to complete learning walks. Let me know if you are doing anything highlighting technology.

    • 3:00 SPED Meeting

    Thursday, November 8th

    • Eco Club 2:40p-5p
    • All revised edits are due by 3:00pm. This includes turning in your awards list as well. Please have a colleague proof read your comments.
    • 3:00 Spanish Teachers PLC

    Friday, November 9th

    • Watch D.O.G.S (Ivory Knight) will be in the building today.
    • Red Day! Please wear red in honor and support of military service members who are or have been deployed.
    • Ms. Backer out in the AM
    • 8:30 AM KAM, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd - Veterans Day Assembly in Caf
    • 1:45 PM KPM, 4th and 5th - Veterans Day Assembly in Caf


Anti Bullying Week

School Psychology Awareness Week

Science and Social studies quarterly is to be given this week - (will review data Monday, 19th during PE)

Monday, November 12th

  • Veteran's Day - No School

Tuesday, November 13th

  • Goode Stories - Kindergarten 10a-1p
  • Faculty Meeting @ 3p (Library)

Wednesday, November 14th

  • Report Cards Go Home
  • Ms. Backer out in the AM
  • Ms. Porter out in the PM
  • Girls on the Run 2:40p - 4:20p

Thursday, November 15th

  • Education Support Professionals Day
  • 9:30 Pre - K classroom in action
  • SPC/PTA Meeting @ 3p (Library)

Friday, November 16th

  • 3rd Grade Simple Machines Expo 1:20p-2:20p (Cafeteria)
  • Ms. Porter out all day

Wanna learn new ways to address behaviors in your pjs? Join the twitter chat - PBIS4VBCHAT

This quarter's topics will include roll out celebrations, staff training strategies, and a look at some research behind PBIS implementation.

How To Participate:

  • Follow @PBIS4VB on Twitter.
  • Log on to your account between 7-8pm on Wednesday, Nov. 7th.
  • Respond to each question using the question number (example: A1) and the event hashtag (#pbis4vbchat)

Directions and etiquette will be posted on each chat day.

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Extra Collaboration Schedule - RM 7

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The expectation for extended collab is that an agenda will be sent to Patti and myself by Monday of that week. Jenny and Patti are here both collabs therefore, please plan for both subjects. We will be taking in house learning walks both collab days for 30 mins. The time of these learning walks will be TBA. We will work with the grade level to find the best time frame. The rest of the time is for the grade level to use. Please be purposeful and prepared so that this time is meaningful and productive.

SCA United Way Coin Wars Drive / United Way Staff Support - Jeans Day

The SCA will have a Coin Wars Drive to support the United Way. This will take place during the week ofNov. 5th-9th with more information coming from the SCA.

We will also have a Staff Jeans Day for all of those contributing to the United Way. This Staff Jeans Day will be Wednesday, November 7th. You will need to print a copy of your receipt after you have donated electronically. Here is the link for you to donate:

If you did not donate online but would like to participate then donate $5.00 to Mrs. Porter by Nov. 6th. You will receive a sticker for supporting the United Way and allowing you the extra Jeans Day!

Report Cards are coming!

Here are some important reminders about report cards:

  • Remember that VBCPS grading policy currently states that a DP or N should not be issued on the report card unless the parent has been notified prior to issuance.
  • Please remember, with Standards-based grading, the proficiency mark on the report card should reflect the student’s current mastery level on that standard. Various data points may be used to determine the student’s proficiency level (anecdotal notes, exit tickets, summative assessments, etc.)
  • Report card comments should not be the same for your entire class. They do not need to be super lengthy, but they should reflect that you know the student, and they should address any concerns especially any DP's or N's. Please make sure comments are tactful. Put yourself in the parents' shoes. How would you feel reading the comment if it was your child? Begin with something positive and include any quarterly awards earned by the student.

*As a reminder, Mrs. Porter and I will be checking all 650+ report card comments. Please take your time to edit your own comments and then swap comments with a colleague to check before submitting them.

We will once again recognize our students’ accomplishments each marking period with the following awards.

  • Extraordinary Colt – is in the Productivity, Part & Collab, & Citizenship- All Ps AND at least 1 AP (no DP or N
  • Academic Excellence- is 5 APs in core subjects with no DP or Ns anywhere on RC
  • Attendance Award will be awarded to students in grades PreK through 5 displaying excellent attendance.

· 2 tardies (excused or unexcused) = 1 absence

- Leaving school early – Teacher monitoring – please report any patterns of early dismissal to Robyn

Say Hello to Baby Asher

We are so thrilled to share these cute pictures of Debbie Hall's baby boy! Both mom and baby are doing great!
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11/5 - Jill Teetor

11/8 - Alyssa Crouch

11/10 - Stacey Witherow

11/11 - Debbie Vickery

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