Yes! this is a real game.....

How much players and teams?

  • 4 people in each team
  • 2 teams
  • The captain is called skip

Rules about Curling

You have to flip a coin to determined who goes first.

The team 44 pound stone has to go to the middle of the bulls eye so they could win but, if its close from the center they get a score. They have to put there foot on the hack so they could go slide and they can pretend to draw an imaginary line from the hack to the broom. The stone has to have a straight back and it has to be always on line of delivery. Your foot has to line up against the broom. Your hips and shoulders have to be squared so you can get it right. If you are playing curling your arms have to be even and when you are getting ready to go off you have to put your non throwing in the broom. The stone has to be straight back and always on the line of delivery.

The equipment you need

  • A 44 pound stone
  • you always will need a broom

How do you win the game?

What you do to win the game is you and your team mate get your brooms and when a person from your team puts there foot on the hack then they go and there partner sweep the stone. Who ever gets the bulls eye they get a point. If you are right at the bulls eye you get a point too! Lastly, who ever wins will be victorious. And it takes a lot of skill.

Fun Facts! 1

  • The stone is 44 pounds
  • The broom acts like your guide
  • They called the captain skip

Fun Fact! 2

  • The bulls eye is 150 feet away
  • The player can throw guards to try to win scores
  • you flip a coin to see who goes 1
  • there are 6 to 10 rounds
  • the team who is closes to the bulls eye gets a score