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Foundations & Essentials Week 21, Challenge Week 9

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End of Year Celebration

We will have tables out in the Foyer for you to put out a little display that represents your family and what you have done this year. This can be ANYTHING you want to display - no expectations at all. Just a fun way to celebrate the different ways the families in our community live life and do school.

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Challenge Overview - Preparing for Week 10

Challenge A
  • Drawing and learning the parts of the brain
  • Draw and Label Africa. How many countries are in Africa? Do you know where Malawi is???
  • Developing ideas for the Apologetic paper. A few resources for parents to help their students develop their idea, Here, here, and here.

Challenge B

  • Final Drafts of Short Stories are due Week 13. Will your story have a plot twist or surprise ending?
  • Study for your Blue Book Exam on Defeating Darwinism.
  • Outline the closing arguments for both the Prosecution and the Defense. MEMORIZE your roles.

Challenge I

  • Continue compiling evidence for your debate case on the topic of illegal immigration.
  • Begin writing your Science Research Paper Rough Draft.
  • Math in Motion: Read Chapter 10, “Triads: Roman Numeral Analysis.”

Challenge II

  • Read "Out of the Silent Planet" (C. S. Lewis). Come prepared to discuss Ransom’s character. Literary Terms: Science fiction, Mood, Conflict, Allusion
  • Prepare for your Composition Due Week 11: Is avoiding evil sufficient to make one virtuous or must virtue be an active choice?
  • Ask any Christian and any non-Christian to answer the question “What is pleasure?” Record the responses and bring them with you to seminar.


Essentials: Always remember to adjust the material to fit you (the teacher), your student, and your family! Here is a handy scaling graphic to give you some ideas.
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Foundations Week 21: Digging Deeper

The Minerals were so much fun today!! It is really interesting to learn the difference between elements. minerals, and rocks. We have more science on minerals next week, then we will talk about Rocks on Week 23.

A neat article on the 5 major circles of latitude.

What is the UN?

A simple graphic, explanation, and even a little video explaining the Associative Laws.

2016-2017 Director Team - Another new Team Member!

Foundations & Essentials - Claudia Matthews

Challenge A - Renee-Michelle Kirk

Challenge B - Melissa Rubert

Challenge I - Welcome Ralph Dally!!

Challenge II - Cathy Barbuto

Challenge III - Open Position

Information Meetings

If you have a friend, family member, or maybe you just want a refresher, come to any of the Information Meetings scheduled for this semester:

All meetings are at 7pm, West Side Panera. Contact your director for more details.

Tuesday, 4/12

Thursday, 5/12

Monday, 6/13

Thursday, 7/21

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