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Volume 1, Issue 2

Remembering Strong Female Role Models

Suffragist and women’s rights activist Alice Paul would have turned 131 on Monday, and her birthday is being celebrated with a Google Doodle. Paul, who died in 1977 at the age of 92, was one of the leaders of the campaign for the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which was ratified in 1920 and gave women the right to vote. She dedicated her life to securing equal rights for all women.

“Few individuals have had as much impact on American history as has Alice Paul. Her life symbolizes the long struggle for justice in the United States and around the world,” the Alice Paul Institute says. “Her vision was the ordinary notion that women and men should be equal partners in society.”

Thanks to women like Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ruth Ginsburg, Sally Ride, and Elenore Roosevelt all of our students have equal rights and equal opportunities to succeed in becoming whatever they dream to be.

Also, with a strong leader like Dr. Janney, we are reminded that our students should be at the center of everything we do. Let's put them first and give them every possible opportunity to reach their full potential.

This video from TED MED reminds me that we have many different students with many different needs. Rosie knows what she needs and can tell her teachers. Her autism doesn't define her. Over break, I began watching the TV show "Born This Way" on A&E Tuesday nights. The show is about a group of young Down Syndrome adults who do their best to assert their independence and their parents who do their best to support them.

We need to remember to support all of the needs of all of our students. Here are some questions to ponder as you plan your interventions:

  • What are we doing for our SDC students?
  • Are our teachers well trained in true differentiation?
  • Is it appropriate to place an ELD 1-2 student into English Credit Recovery or intersession intervention? Can that student recover their credit any other way?
  • What needs to be done to show that my school is meeting the needs of ALL students?
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Congratulations to Monica Cacho

Monica Cacho has been in the State and Federal office working with Molly Ravenscroft. When Elizabeth Hernandez left, Monica stepped in temporarily. Well, now it is official and Monica is our new Senior Administrative Assistant for Dr. Perez. If you stop in the front office (cottage), please say congratulations.

Upcoming Events

January 11- Deadline for Early Bird registration for Illuminate Conference and Title I conference registration opens

January 18 - Martin Luther King Jr Holiday

January 19 - Illuminate Training at PDC

January 25 - Board Meeting 6 PM @District Board Room

January 27 - DAC Meeting 9-11:30AM @Parent Center

January 28 - DELAC Meeting 9-11:30AM @Parent Center

February 2 - Foster Youth Meeing 9-11 @Parent Center