Carpool Information

Starting Tuesday, September 15th!

Carpool begins Tuesday, September 15th!

Carpool and Chapel will begin for all Older Preschool children on Tuesday, September 15th. This is all children in our 3's, 4's and TK classes: Litmanen, Tucker, Wolfe, Jones, Parker, Whitaker, Lawrence, Ramsey, Meyer, Moore, Brandenburg (Le - SUB), Murthy and Deichert.

Morning carpool will run everyday starting at 8:55a.m. until 9:15a.m. Our afternoon carpool is offered Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons ONLY starting at 1:50p.m. until 2:10p.m. You will need to walk in to pick up your child on Thursday and Friday by 2:00p.m. in order to have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the teacher.

Please note that the church ministerial staff assists us in opening doors for children in the mornings, so do not let it alarm you to see unfamiliar faces.

Additional Information


You will enter our carpool line from the US 75 service road and wind through the parking lot. Please refrain from entering from Renner Rd as this will disrupt the flow of our carpool line and can cause a traffic backup.

We ask that you try to place your child on the passenger side of the vehicle as that is the side that will be opened by our carpool helpers. All children will need to be able to unbuckle themselves or be unbuckled in our carpool line. We can only assist your child in climbing out of the vehicle, opening and closing the car door and with backpacks.

The Richardson Police Department has asked that we do not block traffic on the US 75 service road at any time. If you see a backup, please pull into the parking lot to wait to enter the line.

If you choose not to participate in carpool, you will need to walk your child down to the north peristyle to meet their teacher. At no time should a child be allowed to walk through the hallways without an adult set of eyes on them. A proper handoff with eye contact should always be made between the adult caregiver and the child's teacher.


We will open the car door and assist your child with entering the vehicle. Once your child is safely inside, we will close the car door and ask you to slowly pull up into the side parking area in order to buckle your child. Our staff is not allowed to fasten a child into a car seat or booster at any time.


This week, your child will receive a hard plastic carpool tag that will be placed on their backpack. On this tag is their carpool number. This will need to remain on their backpack all school year.

When you sign up to participate in carpool, you will receive hanging tags with this same number on them. They are a bright green tag that will be placed in your car hanging from the rearview mirror during afternoon carpool pickup only. This is how we will designate what child goes with what vehicle as you proceed through our carpool lane rather than using children's names.


Your child's safety and the safety of all children, staff and ministers involved in carpool is of utmost importance to us. For this reason, our carpool lane is a NO CELL PHONE ZONE just like a school zone. We ask that you please follow this rule when dropping off and picking up your children in carpool.

Also, please maintain a safe speed in our parking lots at all times as there are always very young children entering and exiting vehicles as well as walking in our lots. Every child's safety should always be a top priority around our school!


If you have questions regarding our carpool procedures, please feel free to contact Kathy Castleman at or by calling our front desk at 972-238-7289.