Connecting modern literature to Greek myths


this girl is on fire song by user256204279

About the novel...

Tom is a fat, sweaty boy in seventh grade who goes to a catholic school in Mrs. Tracys class. Tom's bestfriend is a boy named Jeff, when they're together they read comic books, talk about cars, and girls which are typical boy things to do. One day at school Mrs. Tracy tells the class they have a new student coming, but the thing is her skin is burned. When she walks in most of the class doesnt know what to say or do. Most of the kids are scared of her. The girls name was Jessica. She was absent alot to get skin graphs. Tom lived near her so he brought her the work they did that day that they did at school. Eventually Tom and Jessica begin to become friends. Jeff didn't like that his friend was hanging out with the "firegirl" and begins to be mean to Tom and lie to him. Tom stoped liking Jeff and hung out with Jessica more. Tom always wondered how Jessica got burned, so one afternoon at her house he asked her. Jesscia told him that her and her mom got in a car accident and she got trapped inside the car while it was on fire. Tom begins to like Jessica and rumors speard about them.

Protagonist vs. Antagonist

In my book Tom is the protagonist and is in 7th grade he's much larger than most kids and is very sweaty. But Tom doesnt care about looks and will be nice to just about anyone he meets.

The antagonist in my book would be mostly every kid in Mrs. Tracy's class because they all make fun of Tom and Jessica

Jeff is a main character and and antagonist because he fights with Tom and makes up rumors about Tom and Jessica. But he was also Tom's bestfriend.

Jessica is a new girl in Mrs.Tracy's class and shes very shy because she resently got in a car accident and he body was burned alive. So Jessica doesn't look like most girls and she has to deal with being made fun of and it's a hard change because she used to be very pretty.

Connections to Greek Myths....

  • My book connects to Thesus and Perseus because they fall in love but their love is forbidden. In fire girl Tom and Jessica like each other but Toms best friend forbids it.
  • Jessica connects Hades because she's burned and lived from it. So her and Hades have fiery looks. Jessica also is looks like Medusa because nobody wants to look at her.
  • Jeff also connects to Hades by doing devilish acts to make Tom not like Jessica.
  • In Cupid and Euridicy, Cupid loves Euridisy but loses her to the under world (Hades). In fire girl Tom takes the place of cupid and loves Jessica but Jeff trys to ruin it by making up rumors.


I would rate this book an 8 out of 10 because it makes you want to keep reading, and this is coming from a person who hates to read. I would recommend this book to mostly girls but some boys would like it too.