What You Need To Know to Survive!

Ft. Native Americans, Europeans(Spain), and West Africans

Native Americans

Social: The are a society that is not technologically advanced and have no literacy knowledge. Despite their lacks, they have perfected the craft of farming, hunting, and fishing (Foner, 10). Religion is an important aspect for the Native Americans, they believe in their natural resources like trees and animals. They all had a meaning to them (Foner 14). in addition, women have almost equal rights as men. Although men were always the tribal leaders, women don't have the same restrictions as the women in Europe do. They even have a say in political affairs (Foner, 15).

Economic: They have good communication and trading skills (Text 10). They also have created large, important structures for the community(Foner,11). Due to the beliefs of the people they do not buy and sell land. Anyone is free to use and take any land that is not being used(Foner, 14).

Political: The Native Americans have an advanced structure politically wise (Foner 10). There are village leaders that controlled their individual section of land (Foner 14). One thing to note is that Tribal leaders live in more comfortable and prosperous conditions(Foner, 14).

Europeans (Spain)

Social: Social classes are divided into king, hereditary aristocracy, urban, and rural poor. Europe has strict policies considering religion, equality in society, and social class/power (Foner, 7). It is a continent focused on the Christian religion(Foner 20). Men are much more superior to women. Once married women are subjected to their husbands (Foner 19).

Economic: Have developed technologies like metal tools, machines, gunpowder, and scientific knowledge(Foner,10). The Europeans are greedy for gold and riches. This is why they are explorers. They plan to search the world for new resources(Foner, 20). It is important to know that the government controls anyone's businesses. People are not allowed to be economically independent(Foner 19).

Political: Any freedoms given to the people were directly related to religion(Foner, 18). There is no religious freedoms, everyone must be Christian (Foner,19). Also, depending on social status you can be exempt from certain rules. If you are high class and wealthy, many rules don't apply as they do to middle or lower class( Foner 18).

West Africans

Social: Slavery in Africa is very common. The slaves are criminals, debtors, and captives in war. In Africa though, the slaves had many liberties and many received their freedom (Foner 22).

Economic: Very wealthy continent that produces lots of gold (Foner 21). Slaver trade with foreign countries is so common that at least 100,000 African slaves were transported (Foner 22).

Political: West Africa is a communist area led by Mansa Musa (Foner 21). They are in constant threat from neighboring countries because of their wealth in god and resources (White Plaines Public Schools)

How Primary Sources are Important

Primary sources are important because they give a better understanding of what exactly is happening and how people are reacting to a situation. Also, primary sources record what happens immediately after it happens so there isn't much room for bias or editing.