Language Arts


Today's Center Choices:

  1. Word Work-Choose one word from our George Washington's Socks and make a frayer model about the word on computer paper.
  2. Brainpop-Seasons, Solstice & Equinox. Take the quiz. Write down your score in your reading notebook. Write down some THICK questions about the topic.
  3. Continue working on your personal narrative about something fun you did while you were on your Winter Break.
  4. Work on Lexia for 25 minutes (one day)
  5. SRI-Reading Counts (One quiz on a chapter book & one quiz on a picture book)
  6. Study Island-Points of View
  • (Do this whenever the table if free) Vocabulary Center (Only 3 students at letter writing table at one time). Use the Magazines to cut out one content word from the wall. Glue it on the white paper. Write the definition in your own words, illustrate the word, write the part of speech, and use it in a sentence.
  • GoQuest- Two assignments in your notebook (If you haven't registered for GoQuest ask the Green Table for help.)