SHS Career Center Newsletter

Week of February 15th, 2021

Message from the Career Center

One thing has become very clear to me in the last week or two. I have done a very poor job of defining the vocabulary we use in the Career Center. For this, I'm sorry. It is important for us to have a common vocabulary as we work together to help students find their path after high school. The following are words used by the Career Center that you will hear and read often.

ca·reer (noun) /kəˈrir/ - a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life

  • A career is what we want for all students. Notice how broad the definition. Almost all jobs fall into one of these categories.

Steps necessary for entering a career:

Col·lege (noun) /ˈkälij/ - an educational institution or establishment, in particular one providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training.

ap·​pren·​tice·​ship (noun) /ə-ˈpren-təs-ˌship/ - an arrangement in which someone learns an art, trade, or job under another

trade school (noun) /trād ˈskül/- a postsecondary school teaching the skilled trades

  • There's a lot of overlap in all three of these postsecondary options! They all focus on helping students be better prepared to enter the career field of their dreams.

A type of career:

Trades (noun) /trāds/ - skilled jobs, typically requiring manual skills and special training.

  • In Oregon a lot Trades jobs are high wage and high demand. Some require college while others require apprenticeships or specially designed schooling.

We hope a common vocabulary will help as we work to find as many ways as possible to help all our students find happiness, success, and fulfillment beyond high school.

What you can find in this week's newsletter!

  • Exploration of Medical Technical careers requiring as little as 2 years of training
  • Several new workshop opportunities
  • Scholarship information and deadlines

Career Exploration Opportunities

Continuing our salute to CTE month, we are spotlighting Medical Technical careers that take as few as 2 years to complete the training.

Medical field careers you can start at PCC:

  • PCC Dental Services - February 16th, 3:00pm

  • Animal Services - February 17th, 3:00pm

  • Naturopathic Birth Center and Primary Care Nursing - February 18th, 4:00pm

  • Optometry/Vision Services - February 18th, 3:00pm

Other fields and opportunities to explore:

  • Entrepreneurship with Portland Gear - February 16th, 4:00pm

  • Advertising with Wieden and Kennedy - February 16th, 3:00pm

  • Marketing Agency - February 17th, 4:00pm

  • Marketing Director - February 17th, 3:00pm

Learn more and register for any of these here

Upcoming Workshops & Events

FEBRUARY 15th - 19th

Are you a high school student thinking about going to Portland Community College? Would you like to learn more about PCC’s excellent academic programs? Do you have questions about how to fulfill your college goals? Then PCC Preview Day is the event for you! Join us on February 17th at 10:30am (finish by noon) to learn:

  • Valuable information on how to attend PCC

  • About programs, degrees, and certificates

  • About financial aid and other scholarship opportunities available through PCC

  • It all through interacting with PCC faculty and staff

  • Click here to register

Visit Montana State University on February 18th at 4pm - Link found in Naviance.

Would you like help understanding the benefits and application process for the California University System? The explore California Schools with ARROW. Two sessions available:

Looking for career information outside Hillsboro School to Career? Future You 2 Go is an opportunity for high school students (all grade levels) to explore careers and post-secondary options through an easy, click and learn, virtual 45-minute experience.


FEBRUARY 22nd - 28th

  • Interested in Engineering? Check out these Engineering Week virtual events through Oregon Connections/Nepris, February 22nd through February 26th. Make sure you contact the Career Center ( if your session is during the school day. Otherwise, we are unable to excuse your absence!

  • NACAC Virtual College Fairs offer a dynamic, new, digital meeting space that connects counselors, students, and their families with colleges and universities around the world. Join us on February 28th, 10am-4pm. Learn more and register by clicking here