No more Race Relations

Jaime Meyer

Slavery in America

Slavery began when European merchants started the Triangular Trade. The triangular trade was a trading system where slaves, crops, and manufactures were traded through different places in the world. It used to be considered normal to own slaves so it was also normal to have slave ships. Slave ships were ships meant for cargo and to transport port slaves to trading sites in America. They needed so many slaves because in the New World people were able to plant and grow sugar, tobacco, cotton, etc. The more that the farmers grew the more slaves they needed to keep control of their plantation.

Slaves in America were treated poorly. Slaves would usually work from sunrise to sunset and got few hours of sleep. Slaves would get fed a to small amount of food for the day. They usually got fed only once a day but sometimes they got a small breakfast. They also lived in poor conditions their owners would usually provide them with stick-like cabins with a dirt floor. There were usually many cracks in the walls so all the cold air could get in. If a slave was to misbehave or do something wrong the slave would be harshly punished by their owner. They could be whipped, maybe even to death, hanged, starved, beaten, burned, or even imprisoned for doing something the owner did not like.

It took until 1865 for slavery to be illegal in the United States with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The north won the war in 1865 forcing the southern states that left the Union to rejoin. Congress and the states all voted and made slavery illegal in the United states. All slaves in the house became free. Some of them left their plantations now that they were free and some of them moved up north to work on railroads or clean houses.

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Improve Race Relations

There are still many different racial tension is America today. There is a big problem going around about racial tensions with police officers. People believe that some officers are being very racist towards African american people. There has been more then a couple situations where a white policemen has shot down a black citizen when they have done nothing to be punished in such a way. There has been many cases of this happening and some people are outraged and some believe the officer did nothing wrong. There are also many racial tensions in problems such as schools, housing, jobs, lifestyle, etc.

The legacy of slavery has contributed to these racial tensions today. The United States of America does not want anyone to forget about our contribution towards slavery. This is because the government and most people in the world do not want slavery to reoccur. We also can not forget because slavery has always been around so its not hard for us to find out about it. Another reason slavery is so hard for our country to forget is because there are racial slurs against all sorts of races and African Americans happen to be one of the races. People make fun of blacks for the way their ancestors were treated.

My idea to improve race relations in America is to create a museum. This museum would improve racial tensions all throughout america. In my museum I will have different sections. section one will be named "Racism sucks" and in this sections will be paintings, pictures, essays, etc about or by famous people from all different races and how they died do to racism. section two will be called " No one can stop racism.. except YOU!" and in this section there will be pictures and stories about people and famous people that have done something nice or helped someone of another race in some way. In this section you will also be aloud to write down your own story and put in on the wall!

This is my idea to improve racial tensions in america.

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